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23/10/17 02:09
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From: Ciel Phantomhive (Asteria)
Date: September 7th

I have neglected to announce my presence in this manner and I am perhaps overdue. I am Ciel Phantomhive and I have discovered that I am filling in for the Grecian goddess Asteria. (An ironic choice for reasons he will never tell.) She is the Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime divinations (such as oneiromancy (by dreams) and astrology (by stars)). She is also the mother of Hekate, goddess of witchcraft.

(He is sitting at a desk, glancing at an open book briefly with his uncovered eye.)

Are there any others who hail from the year 1889?

November Announcements

22/10/17 23:34
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November Announcements

Here we are again, bringing you the news of Near and Far Shore events for the month of November!


The Near Shore
    Warm and rainy weather reigns in the Tokyo region, but at least the rain tones down the oppressively humid summer's-end heat. The earliest of the harvest festivals are beginning as some trees' leaves start to yellow.
    • The white pelicans at the Ueno Zoo have somehow discovered how to sneak out of their enclosures, and are sauntering down the park paths startling park-goers and devouring dropped popcorn after hours. No matter how many times the keepers get them back, they seem to find a new way to sneak out again.

    • The lines for ice cream at the 100 Soft trucks are much shorter now, because there's a new craze in town: creepy-looking patchwork "Crazy Cat" phone charms with heavy black stitching, in dozens of unique styles available from local gatcha machines. Teenagers are desperately praying for good luck grabbing their favorite style: at 500 yen apiece, misses are expensive!

    • Those who are following the Yamada Department Store news story will see reports that the mysterious fire has been ruled accidental and ultimately due to negligence in construction. A vice-president at the Yamada Corporation responsible for overseeing the construction of the new store has resigned in disgrace.

The Far Shore
    It's cooling down a little on the Far Shore this week, going back to the usual pleasant weather of the Heavens. With the beginning of harvest festival season on the Near Shore, the waving fields of rice visible in the more rural districts and near the river are beginning to look more golden and ripe.
    • There have been no noticeable changes with the erupting volcano. It's still lazily venting slow flows of lava and leaving an ashy, sulfurous tang in the air nearby.

    • The wind bells hung in public areas and on the temples are being taken down; white-robed shinki are carefully collecting them and re-wrapping them for storage.

    • Moon viewing preparations are going on as the harvest moon approaches. Trays of round mochi treats are being set out around the old gods' temples, and if a new god or shinki asks nicely, they'll be happy to share.

Noteworthy Ayakashi
    Rain can darken human moods just as it fades the last summer flowers. As usual, ayakashi are there to take advantage.
    • An umbrella ayakashi is camouflaging itself in umbrella racks outside popular buildings to convince people to take it home, but anyone who does pick it up will find that they slow down more and more until they can't do anything but stand in the rain.

    • Locust ayakashi are descending on farmers' fields and kitchen gardens just before the harvest and draining vitality from the plants. The farmers will need some help scaring off these supernatural bugs to ensure a good harvest.

    Here you can see the weather starting on September 1.


Harvest Moon Viewing

    The mid-September full moon is traditionally the best subject for moon-viewing, and the Heavens are holding a moon-viewing party near the Meeting Hall for old and new gods and their households. There are blankets spread out in the garden to recline and watch the skies, children playing tag among the trees, and a plentiful picnic spread for everyone to enjoy. The volcano ash in the air makes for an amazing moon viewing, but there's something unusual going on at the party. Rather than being calmed by the peaceful sky, some attendees may find themselves growing more and more emotional and less and less restrained. You know what they say about full moons....

    (This is an optional effect of variable strength. Affected characters will be more impulsive and their emotions will affect them more intensely than usual. Regardless of how powerful the effect is, it will wear off by sunset of the following day.)
    • IC Date: Evening, September 10
    • If you have any questions, feel free to reply to the comment marked 'Event' on this post.
    • To participate in the event, you will just need to comment to the event log after it goes up on November 1 at 7PM EST.

Past Happenings in the Heavens

Major Events

July AnnouncementsAugust AnnouncementsSeptember Announcements
October Announcements

Player Plots

    If your characters have been up to anything this month that other characters may have noticed -- parties, ayakashi attacks, violent rampages through the Far Shore -- leave a comment on this post to let your fellow players know what's going on!


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So, uh.... quick question.

[He's trying to seem casual, but Lann is definitely worried.]

Is it a bad sign if your god like, disappears suddenly?

Heavens / Video

22/10/17 08:44
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[The man gives a cocky smile.]

Um hello, far shore, is it? [He rubs the back of his neck nervously.] I'm new. I'm afraid most of what they told me didn't make a lot of sense, but I'll catch on. I was told that meeting others would help me orient myself.

So, hello.
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Who: Everyone. Including Hibiki, nominally.
When: September 5
Where: The Near Shore
What: Bowling log? Bowling log. Kiddie lane? KIDDIE LANE.

Impossibilities and such don't exist. )

You Are Invited (Open)

20/10/17 03:36
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Who: Sansa Stark/Dali & Open
What: Party!
When: September 6th
Where: Dali's Temple.
Warnings: TBD

Don't mind the goat. )
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Who: Shun and you! Plus closed prompts for Chinatsu, Reisi and Ren.
When: A-B: September 6th, C: September 7th, D: September 5th, E: September 6th (Evening), F: September 7th (Afternoon/Evening)
Where: Temple Nekhbet (Central District) and various spots around the Far Shore, mostly.
What: Open: Shun remembers a friend, starts training himself to teleportspam, and arranges some flowers while a jealous possessed plushie tries to make senpai notice it. Closed: Shun gains a new ally, finally sorts out his temple library, and actually goes on a date for once.

[Open Prompts A-C]
it rested on my arm )


[Closed Prompts D-F]
i touched its calm, envied its love )


18/10/17 13:09
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Who: Temeraire & Alex
Where: Oshun’s Temple
What: A day at home with take out

Read More )
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Who: Hajime Ichinose + Cardia Beckford
What: Two goddesses meeting up at a cafe
When: September 1st ; 9am
Where: HuggaMug Bakery-Cafe
Warnings: N/A | TBA

We must protect no matter what )

Dropping threads

17/10/17 20:12
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Just putting up a notice to folks not on my plurk list that I'll be dropping all Shopping Frenzy threads! That bout of illness really put me behind, unfortunately, so I need to let a bunch of older stuff go. If there's anything you want to handwave or plot out, feel free to drop me a line here, in PM, or PP me at mimarin on Plurk!

I really apologize for the slowness and inconvenience and hope to make things up to folks in the future!

- Alice
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Who: Tsuzuki Asato, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
Where: Temple of Konohanasakuya-hime
When: September 4th
What: Yamanbagiri has been wearing an increasingly dirty and beat-up sheet as a cloak since his arrival. It's starting to look really bad. Tsuzuki's decided to curry favor with his new junior shinki by swiping the sheet while he sleeps and washing it so it'll be nice and clean when he gets up. This is not going to end how he hopes it will....
Warnings: Probably just some shouting! Will update as necessary.

Everybody knows where good intentions take you. )

I Ship It meme

15/10/17 21:20
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How this works:
1. Post a comment with your characters
2. People respond with who they ship your character with
3. React! Giggle with them, talk about how much you like it, or even react ICly with that character!
4. ???
5. Profit!
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Who: Archer & Caster
When: August 30th after their return from Heavenly Fair
Where: Caster's temple
What: two idiots decide to duke it out in their usual style
Warning: language, blood and injuries, possible property destruction Servant style

means we get to kill each other )

October OOC Intro Meme

14/10/17 21:28
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Welcome aboard, newcomers!

Top-levels for this meme are closed to new players or players with new characters.
Everyone else can comment around and make people feel welcome to be here.

With that in mind, let us get to know you a little bit! Fill out the form below or write up one of your own to tell us a little about you and your character!



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This is just a heads up, but I'm going on hiatus for the rest of the month for mental health reasons and while I may manage a tag or two here or there, a lot of threads are getting dropped. I don't think I had too many plans here, at least, but all the same

This affects Leo and Fushimi.
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Who: Fubuki AND YOU
When: Aug 3—??
Where: Near Shore
What: that is a dress + pranked by fireflies

A. window...shopping...? )
B. fireflies )

Heaven's BBS - Video

13/10/17 10:03
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From: Chikusa Kakimoto
Date: September 1


[Mistakes were made.]

[As the video sparks into life, the focus is on Chikusa. Instead of the background being somewhere outside, or in some room in a temple, it's just... void. Endless void, in case that wasn't clear enough. If not for the fact that Chikusa's hair is still moving, indicative of movement in this weird zero gravity, it'd be easy to think that the background is fake somehow.]

[Instead of the usual blank expression, his lips are drawn thin in annoyance.]

...There's an intruder on the grounds of Epona's castle. He stuck me in a portal....

Someone tell Roy, the god for Epona, or Cho Hakkai, to tell Ken that I'll be back soon...



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