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21/8/17 21:44
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Posted: August 17th
From: Dali

(A pack of wolves is surely a welcome sight? No? They smile and nip at one another, showing teeth that can easily rend a man apart.)

Robb, do not tease your sister so! (Sansa holds out her hand, walking into frame. The largest wolf breaks free of his free-spirited family and trots up to her. He is rewarded with fresh morsels of meat and a good ear scratch.)

Arya, I have not forgotten you. (Another wolf - this one smaller and darker - edges closer to receive her treat.)

Jon, Bran, Rickon, you too. (Each wolf takes after their namesake in some way: Jon is white, Bran has reddish-brown fur and Rickon is the smallest of the pack, barely out of the puppy stage. Sansa removes her gloves after feeding them and drops a kiss on Robb's head.)

Do not stray far from the temple. I like hearing you sing at night.


21/8/17 14:25
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Who: D2 & Forrest
When: August 5th
Where: Lakshmi's Temple
What: Grell and Will returning causes some feelings that needs to be dealt with by talking about them. Which is, you know, the most fun thing in the world.

Feeling guilty over things you can't possibly control is stupid, but it's still a thing. )
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Who: Niles and Leo

When: August 16

Where: Leo's Temple

What: Niles has some memories to discuss with Leo

All souls towards truth )

Reaper Mingle is go!

20/8/17 19:19
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Who: William T. Spears and any reapers of the far shore
When: Evening of August 16th
Where: The temple of Baron Samdi (Ronald Knox)
What: William calls an emergency meeting for any and all reapers. There is something they all need to be aware of. (And because it's being held at Ronnie's temple, you can expect it to devolve into more of a mixer once William stops preaching.)

Attention All Reapers )

Who's a good boy?

20/8/17 21:12
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Who: Cardia and Sisi and You
When: Some nice day in mid august
Where: A park on the near shore
What: Cardia was taking her dog for a walk but he wandered off.

It may not be him in this case... )
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Who: Nanako and anyone!
When: Mid-August
Where: All over the Far Shore and wherever she can find other gods and shinki.
What: Nanako is on A Mission.

To remember you... )
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Who: Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima, three different animals, and you
What: When a god leaves, there's always a few people who end up left behind. Chikusa and Ken deal with it in the only way they know how- badly.
When: August 16 to start with and some days after it
Where: The empty clearing where Hestia's temple used to be
Warnings: A closed ablution will be happening in one thread, so some mild body horror at the least. Also a pair of teenagers in mourning dealing with loss unhealthily.

it might pass like a kidney stone but... )

Heaven's BBS | Video

20/8/17 13:17
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From: Njord
Date: August 15, evening-- after the new arrivals show up


[Nami wastes no time. As soon as she finds herself back at this familiar place, as soon as she learns who her shinki is, as soon as she has the opportunity, she opens up her device to the BBS and fires it up to record the following message of utmost importance:]


[So we need answers, are we clear on that? Good. Next items of business! Tone shifts from outraged to worried.]

Zoro, are you still here? You better tell me you’re all right or I'm going to kill you!

Yata, where are you? I’m coming to find you.
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Who: Shouhei Akagi and Barry Goodman
When: July 22nd
Where: McDonalds in Akiba
What: Trading manga and shopping

We're Going Shopping )

hana(su)shi [closed]

19/8/17 18:14
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Who: Tsuzuki Asato and Hitsugaya Toshiro
What: Tsuzuki owes Hitsugaya dinner for helping him figure out some of his supernatural abilities. It's definitely not a date.
When: August 16th, evening
Warnings: Alcohol use (Tsuzuki's drinking, anyway.) Otherwise none anticipated!

For shinki, there are real advantages to conveyor belt sushi. )

Heaven's BBS | Text

19/8/17 13:40
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From: Shouhei
Date: August 16

- - - -

How do you set up two people on a date? I think I know two people who would get along really well.

I don't want to share too many details! I want to surprise them.
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Who: Lucina and Prompto, and YOU
When: August 16th to August 20th
Where: The Far Shore (Temple of Lucina) + The Near Shore
What: Getting settled into a new life (OPEN) + Prayer #43 (CLOSED)

Open - Temple Shenanigans )

Closed - Answering a Prayer )

Heaven's BBS | video

19/8/17 18:18
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Posted: 16 August
From: Carl Adler

[ Good morning, people of the Far Shore. D2 just woke up, which is easy to tell because his hair is in an obvious sleep-caused mess and he's still in his pj.

He seems disgruntled, but he got a bit of a surprise when he woke up. ]

Did anyone lose a military uniform in my bed? [ He pulls up the pillow that's wearing the jacket, to show part of the white dress uniform, extra visible against the green he's currently wearing. ] Or is it some form of prank thing? I'm pretty sure it's a US Navy issued uniform, so if anyone has a clue.

[ If he wasn't still tired and freshly awake and if he had not been startled awake and if he had had some coffee, maybe he would joke about it. (He probably would have, but, he's not a morning person.) ]

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18/8/17 20:36
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Posted: 15 August 2016 10:13 PM
From: Henir


I finished deciphering the data I collected last month. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, my detailed findings can be found here.

The coordinates within the portal turned out to be a bit more complicated than I was expecting. I was only able to complete a partial scan at the time, but I've already identified well over 100 vastly different spacetime coordinates within the data. It's possible that my Dynamo suffered an undetected malfunction during the scan due to the disruptions in spacetime, but it would be incredibly unlikely to see such clear and varied results due to an error. The more likely explanation is that the portal leads to a space connected to multiple dimensions at once, causing my Dynamo to pick up on numerous coordinates simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this means it's difficult to determine what coordinates belong to the "hub" dimension, let alone where any of the other coordinates go. Dimensional travel of this scale is also beyond what I'm used to. I'm working on adapting my technology to be able to visit or remotely scan these dimensions more efficiently, but using my current methods it would still take a miracle to find any of the places or people I'm looking for, not to mention an absurd amount of energy for even a single trip.

So what I'd like to know is, who here is familiar with interdimensional travel and open to the possibility of collaborating?

More specifically, I'm looking for anyone who has experience with initiating travel or observation between separate dimensions and/or setting the coordinates. Technological methods are preferred, but I'm willing to try and work with magic if I have to. That includes any gods whose domain might include something like this, even in an abstract sense. I'll take whatever I can get, provided it's of use to me.
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Who: Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Natsuru Senou & OPEN
When: Through Mid-August
Where: The Near Shore
What: Maria is patrolling for ayakashi, and wearing a very...interesting outfit to do so.

Dancing in the street )

Some Nights

17/8/17 19:52
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Who: Mikoto Suoh and Eric Surt
What: King and clansman finally have a talk
When: August 15
Where: Izumo's Bar
Summary: Eric comes looking for Izumo but finds Mikoto instead.

What do I stand for? )
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Who: Yona and Mikoto
When: Backdated to August 10
Where: Yona's Temple
What: A sleeping Mikoto wakes to find himself somewhere otherthan where he fell asleep.

Heirs of Ash and Fire... )

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From: Lavi
Posted: August 16th

[Morning, Far Shore.

It's rare to see Lavi post up on the BBS when it isn't under anonymous, but after waking up from a wonderful sleep and regaining a memory, maybe it's time to greet the morning with a song, don't you think?

So, Lavi starts to sing the song that's been in his mind all day (and yes, he is a lovely singer, okay). It goes on for a few verses before he abruptly stops and then:]

Anyone wouldn't happen to recognize that, would they? It's been stuck in my head all morning and it's beginning to get annoying.

August Training

16/8/17 19:03
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Who: Everyone
What: Information and Training
When: August 15
Where: Bishamon's temple, the Far Shore
Summary: Training and informational sessions for newly arrived gods and shinki

All the information you can eat )

August OOC Intro

16/8/17 16:41
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Welcome aboard, newcomers!

Top-levels for this meme are closed to new players or players with new characters. Everyone else can comment around and make people feel welcome to be here.

With that in mind, let us get to know you a little bit! Fill out the form below or write up one of your own to tell us a little about you and your character!



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