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Name: Add
Canon: Elsword
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (physically, at least)

References: General setting backstory, main plot summary, Add's background and character development, and in-game prologue.
Class choices in this Add's timeline: Lord Knight, Grand Archer, Dimension Witch, Blade Master, Code Nemesis, Deadly Chaser, Asura, Blazing Heart, Diabolic Esper. I'm running with the assumption for now that Lu/Ciel haven't joined the team yet and thus don't matter.

Sadly, this canon suffers a chronic case of plotholes and retcons, in addition to being just barely coherent to begin with. SO, I am going to ramble at you all, for anyone who might prefer a more detailed summary. Be warned that headcanon abounds from this point on! Such is the way of poorly thought out canons, though I do my best to stay as close to canon as possible.
Add was born during the peak of Elrios' Golden Age, when the robotic Nasod race still obediently served humankind and the El was a seemingly limitless resource of raw energy. His parents were both Nasod researchers, studying new ways to engineer the Nasods for human prosperity. Unfortunately for them, it was also during this time that the Nasod uprising began, and suddenly Nasod research became completely outlawed. Despite this, Add's parents were passionate about their work and continued their studies in secret. They were eventually caught by the authorities, executed, and the village that had sheltered them was burned to the ground. Add was one of the few survivors of the event, but for his parents' crimes he was imprisoned and later sold into slavery. After suffering through a few long months of cruelty, Add got lucky and managed to escape his captors and make a run for it. He didn't make it very far, being a small child chased by adults with guns, and ended up toppling off a cliff. THE END.

Except no, not really, because instead of falling to his death Add instead woke up in a strange Nasod archive full to the brim with books and files and discs of data. It also had a large stockpile of canned food and fresh water, enough to last him several years. Since the library didn't have any exit he could reach, and he couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be anyway, Add proceeded to spend the next several years of his life soaking up knowledge in solitude. Following in his parents' footsteps, he poured over everything he could find in relation to Nasods and machinery.

As the years went on and his knowledge became more and more refined, he started constructing his own Nasod-like technology using scraps lying around the library. His interest turned into an obsession, lacking any other outlet to put his energy into, and he soon became frustrated when he started to run out of new material to work with in his isolated library. He was also running out of food, which was a problem. Add started directing his attention towards finding a method of escape instead, and after much trial and error he managed to use his newly-constructed dynamos to climb out through the shaft he'd fallen down when he'd first arrived there.

He was expecting the world to look different after all the time he'd spent in the library, but he was surprised to find it was actually 1000 years worth of different. His original plan had been to continue his parents research, but that idea fell flat the moment he learned that the Nasods had been wiped out a millennium ago. Everyone he'd ever known was dead, so revenge was out of the question. So far, his future seemed as bleak and pointless as ever, and so Add began to research time and space manipulation in hopes of returning to his own era.

As fate would have it, his escape from the library left him right near the village of Elder. With his acute knowledge of advanced Nasod technology, it didn't take him long to discover the secret of the castle's Lord, Wally—not only was he researching the ancient technology of the Nasods, he was building his own army. With some stealth and a bit of brute force, Add managed to worm his way past the castle walls and confront Wally in person. Add offered his assistance as an ancient Nasod expert in exchange for information on where Wally got his own information, and the two formed an alliance. They worked together for a time, but sadly, a robot army can only stay secret for so long, especially when the Lord behind it all also happens to be a corrupt thieving asshole who makes deals with bandits. The truth about Wally's exploits finally got out and his castle was raided by a gang of vicious children and an elf. Wally escaped with one of his robots and a stolen El crystal, ditching Add without keeping up his end of the bargain. Add saw this as an opportunity, however, and pursued Wally to see just where he'd try to hide.

Pursued from a safe distance, of course, because Wally was still also being pursued by the El Scouts—Elsword, Aisha and Rena. Add decided early on that they could be useful, but he didn't want to deal with them directly (they seemed obnoxious, for one, and he also wasn't expecting them to welcome him when he'd been working with the man they were chasing after), so he simply followed them from town to town and let them do all the hard tracking work. The group eventually tracked Wally to a mine with some airships stashed away inside, arriving just in time to hitch a ride with the cargo and confront Wally again. Distracting the trio of El Scouts with another robot, Wally proceeded with his plan to trade the stolen El to a mysterious man by the name of Raven... except, well, Raven kind of just took the El and threw Wally off the airship. Whoops. By the time the Elgang managed to defeat Wally's latest robot menace, the cargo ship was already making a nosedive for the ground with a few extra smoking hole in its hull.

Add made his own escape from the sinking ship, MacGyvering himself a parachute or a hangglider or something, and saved Wally's ass like any good partner should. He then politely reminded Wally of their agreement and waved some more giant death robot blueprints in his face. Conveniently enough, they'd already crash-landed on the place where Wally got all his Nasod info from: the floating island of Altera, the final resting place of the ancient Nasods. While the rest of the Elgang occupied themselves with chasing after Raven and the El, Add and Wally made a beeline for the Core of Altera. Along the way, Add quickly learned that the Nasods weren't as long-dead as he'd been lead to believe, but instead put into some sort of stasis due to the lack of El left in the world. The Nasod King had already been awoken and was in the process of reviving the long-dead race by collecting the El needed to power them. Wally had been helping with this in exchange for knowledge and technology, though he'd apparently used up his worth on that last El shard.

Of course, because Wally is an asshole, he ditched Add again not long after they start their journey through Altera. Add still made it to the Core before the Elgang (+1, because Raven defected and joined the party), but by the time he got there Wally was already working away at deciphering the Core's code. Add was none too please with this, though there wasn't much time for him to complain since the aforementioned Elgang arrived soon after him. Determined to retrieve the El that King Nasod had stolen, the group cut a path of destruction through the halls of the Core, took down the King himself, and removed the central power source. The Core finally shut down, and that along with the damage to the structure of the building made it nigh-impossible to recover the precious data lost within its databanks.

Add was furious. He swore vengeance on the group that demolished the Core, and for a moment it seemed that all hope was lost for his future in Nasods. However, a strange new figure caught his eye as the Elgang made their escape from the core of Altera: the "power source" and Queen Nasod herself, Eve.

In light of this new discovery, and also because he was finally sick of getting screwed over, Add betrayed Wally and trapped him in the Altera Core. Add then started his new lifelong journey of stalking the shit out of Eve. At this point, for the record, the Eve & the gang still had no clue he was even following them, or at least they didn't have any idea who he was or why he popped up in every town they visited.

Eve's party continued their journey back to Ruben, where their quest had originally started, to return the stolen El to its rightful place. From there, they did some cleanup in Elder (Wally left a lot of junk lying around), defeated an undead dragon, and fought off some toxic plant parasites back on Altera. About two years pass, with Add continuing his spacetime research during his time off from stalking Eve.

Eventually, the group is called to the nearby camp in Feita to take care of some demon problems, with Add trailing along as usual. It started to become more obvious that Add was stalking them, at this point, since he's just a bit protective of the last surviving Nasod. Still, he managed to at least keep enough distance so they couldn't harass him when he wasn't harassing them back, occasionally making failed attempts to steal off the Queen for his own personal research.

It's here that Add's research finally started to draw the attention of Glave, the Administrator of Time and Space. Glave's past wasn't so different from Add's, in a way, so maybe he had a bit of sympathy for the boy. Or maybe he just thought it'd be more interesting to have another guy around who can fuck with time and space. Reasoning aside, after making Add prove himself Glave agreed to help him out a bit with his research, and when that help comes from the guy who literally manages reality it sure goes a long way. As the Elgang proceeded to their next destination, the city of Velder (currently under siege by demons), Add's years of research started to reach something concrete. He put aside some time to help out the locals in exchange for laboratory space, directing all his attention and energy now into perfecting his time travel method so that he could finally, finally go home. And, after another gruelling year of trial and error and casual Eve-stalking, his research was finally complete.

But things didn't go exactly as he'd planned. Add was able to travel back in time to his own era, but he was surprised to find his parents still alive and well, along with another version of himself living a completely normal and happy life. After much trial and error, he came to the conclusion that even with the correct timespace coordinates, there was still the complicated matter of alternate universes, something completely beyond the scope of his understanding. Without any method to isolate his own specific timeline, it would be almost impossible for him to travel back to his own past. Devastated by his three years of work ending in failure, Add threw a sizable tantrum and decided to redirect his research into something else: using his powers over time and space to destroy these other realities. If he couldn't undo his past or even have vengeance, he'd just have to settle for tearing apart every other reality until he found the one he wanted.

Plots of multiuniversal destruction aside, Eve and her group were still trucking along in the present, fighting demons and trying to save Velder as best they could. As the group prepared to leave for their next destination, the city of Hamel, to request aid in Velder's defence, Eve finally tracked down and confronted Add at his lab. The two get into a brief fight, but Add retreats when the rest of her group shows up to help. The Elgang proceeds towards Hamel, with Add following along behind them.

Because this is an RPG, Hamel was also being attacked by demons, so the group ended up sticking around to help them instead for awhile. As their enemies became more powerful, Add found himself stepping in to help the main party more and more, under the logic that he can't have anyone (besides maybe himself) doing anything to hurt Eve. Gradually, Add started to change from a nuisance to an unofficial party member, and by the time the group was finishing up their quest in Hamel he was pretty much expected to swoop in and help out when needed, with Eve-kidnapping attempts becoming less frequent. After some close shaves and maybe a bonding episode or two, he finally succumbed to the Elgang's sickening katamari of friendship and joined the damn party.

And so the group continued on through Hamel, got a couple more party members, went back to save Velder (kind of...), and after that moved along to their next demon-infested location, the creatively named desert village of Sander, hunting demons and saving mystical priestesses. Add doesn't really care about any of this shit, though. He's only really in it to follow Eve around.

After much heroic adventuring, preventing several wars and beating up a lot of demons, the Elgang fought a giant succubus inside a magical spirit turtle to save the local priestess, Anudran. Afterwards, she politely requested that they finish clearing out all the weird demon shit inside her magic turtle friend.

References: Official relationship map in all of its glory, more relation commentary
Outwardly, Add acts like a huge selfish asshole with no regard for the feelings of others and an ego the size of a supernova. But the truth is that, deep down, that is exactly what Add is like. He is extremely self-centred, very eager to brag about himself and his accomplishments, and strongly dislikes other people in general.

Add's social skills are poor in pretty much every way. He's very childish and immature, prone to throwing dramatic fits whenever something doesn't go his way, and is easily flustered. He's incredibly blunt and honest, largely because he's a terrible liar. He has a strong concept of his own personal space (and no one else's) and hates being touched or getting dirty. He's also one hell of a whiner. Add isn't afraid to voice his thoughts, and so if he's ever even the slightest bit bothered by something he will complain endlessly about it. Just to make him complaining worse, Add is also incredibly lazy and spoiled. He hates doing things himself and prefers to use his own technology or tools to solve all his problems. If it's something even his dynamos can't fix, it should be someone else's problem, and he will damn well make it their problem by bitching about it as much as possible.

He has a reckless personality and doesn't always think things through fully. Though he's got plenty of booksmarts, he's hardly a master strategist and just barely functional in the social aspect. He can set goals for himself, but the finer points of a plan tend to get forgotten by him, and he doesn't think too hard about the consequences of his actions. He just does whatever he thinks is most interesting, or whatever sounds like it'd help him the most in the long term. He's also a bit unhinged, having spent a few too many years locked up and alone after suffering through a lot of traumatic events all at once, making him somewhat of a dangerous and unpredictable person. He's certainly not above revenge or murder, if it comes to it, and he doesn't shy away from violence. Add even takes pleasure in making others suffer, often mocking and laughing uncontrollably in the heat of battle. It also doesn't take too much to make him lose control of himself—push one too many of his buttons and he'll go completely off the deep end, often with violent results.

Add isn't all bad, though. He prefers to keep people at arm's length, and when he does find himself becoming attached to someone, he will vehemently deny it at all costs. But really, after being thrust into a world completely different from what he remembered, knowing everyone he ever knew was now long dead... any amount of familiarity is something he wants to cling to. He's very protective of his friends, though still slow to actually trust them. He's awkward and sheepish around people he likes, so once he's close enough to someone he leaves a pretty strong impression of "huge awkward dork" and loses all ability to be intimidating.

His relationship ("relationship") with Eve is a slightly more complicated matter. Part of his reason for following Eve around so obsessively is because he wants to study her, but the other reason for that is because Eve is possibly the only other living entity from his time period. The fact that she's also a Nasod, the subject of his and his parents' research, is just a sweet bonus. While his initial reason was to study her, his feelings have changed somewhat in the three years that have passed since their "meeting". His interest is not necessarily romantic, but he definitely has a lot of affection for Eve. He cares about her safety and gets angry when other people insult or upset her, and is very eager to tell others all about how amazing and perfect she is. Even if he makes up excuses about how he's only thinking of her as a specimen, it's pretty clear that he doesn't see her as just a specimen anymore.

Overall, Add isn't actually too bad for a selfish egotistical jerk. He is, at the very least, someone who would willingly join an RPG party dedicated to helping people and saving the world.

References: Basic abilities and Time Tracer/Diabolic Esper abilities
Add is a (mostly) normal human being with no innate magical abilities, but he is also a child prodigy with a strong education from the university of "being trapped in a magic time travelling library for years with no human contact". He has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to the various sciences, particularly physics and robotics, and he's an expert when it comes to the advanced technology of his world. He's designed several giant killer robots as well as his Nasod Dynamos, which I will get into briefly. Add is also a bit of a cyborg; his eyes are cybernetic implants that also serve as the controllers for his dynamos. They mainly just function as eyes, though. They glow and can turn black sometimes, plus he has pretty good night vision.

AS FOR THE DYNAMOS... you may direct your attention to the linked videos at the top for a more visual example of what he can do with them, but I'll summarize as well. The Nasod Dynamos are a set of six small hovering drones that are each about the length and width of a sub sandwich. He has telekinetic control over them and they act as a sort of extension of his body, so they're always hovering around him or responding to his actions in some way. Besides their combat abilities, they also serve a wide variety of other useful functions. Such as!
Data storage!
Creating holographic computer screens and keyboards!
Taking pictures of people, often in a creepy and stalker-ish manner!
Gliding and hovering! To elaborate for a moment, he can do this in two ways: he can either stand on the drones and use them as a hoverboard like a lazy person, or he can use up a chunk of their power to "charge" himself and straight up float like some kind of science wizard. There isn't actually too much difference between those options, though, besides the second one looking cooler. He can freely hover a few inches off the ground without using much power, and he can glide across open air for very short distances. He can also hover in place over open air, but this consumes his dynamo's battery very quickly, so not for more than maybe 20 seconds tops.
A portable chair!
Can probably boil water!
User customization! aka he can upgrade them further, though depending on what he wants to make them do this would likely take a good deal of planning and designing. I'll consider any major/non-silly upgrades mod-approval only, when he gets to that point.

As for their combat abilities, they mainly involve manipulating electrical currents to fire off close-range electrical bursts or small-ish bullets of concentrated energy. Nothing terribly powerful, in terms of anime/video game bullshit. In this particular version of Add's timeline, though, he concentrated his efforts mainly on manipulating space and time. He can manipulate space to teleport and create portals, and his main method of attacking besides electrical blasts is cracking the fabric of reality itself.

Travelling through space is fairly simple to pull off, but only for short distances. The further the distance travelled, the less he has to go on in terms of coordinates. If it's a distance within clear eyesight, he can move there as soon as he can estimate the distance he has to travel. If it's something like, say, inside a specific building or room, he'll need to have exact coordinates to work with. This means it's much easier for him to travel to places he's been to, since he would normally have his dynamos save a location for him to return to if needed. Since his powers involve creating portals to travel with, he doesn't really have to worry about teleporting halfway into a solid object or anything like that, but he does still have to worry about making portals inside objects. This is basically the concept behind his attacks, after all, and making cracks in space will more than likely lead to breaking actual objects (or people) (or he'll just charge headlong into a portal only to slam into a solid surface).

Time is more complicated than space, and he doesn't actually do a lot of straight time travel, at least not in any larger doses. Instead, what he can do is "save" a particular point in time with his dynamos and then return to it a few seconds later. Doing this distorts reality itself, and everyone within range of the effect (ie. everyone who experienced their next few seconds different due to Add changing things) will experience some crazy deja vu, recalling both the old and updated sequence of events. This is pretty handy in a fast-paced battle, since if he screws up and gets himself or anyone else fatally injured he can just hit the undo button and prevent it from happening. It has its limits, of course, since saving a point in time requires him to predict some disastrous event within 10 seconds and then fuck it up anyway, and he can't exactly stop to save timespace coordinates every 10 seconds to loophole that.

Why such a short timeframe to act, though? Why can't he just save a copy of himself from a minute or an hour or a day ago and respawn from that? Well, much like space being more difficult as distances increase, time becomes harder to control the longer its allowed to pass. Travelling back a few seconds isn't too difficult, since there isn't a lot of room for discrepancies when it's only a short gap in time. Presumably, he can save a safe "return portal" that can reliably go to whatever specific point in time he's coming out of, but when he's searching for a point that isn't already saved to his dynamos, it's nearly guaranteed to be some alternate reality that'll have no effect on the "present". So he can go back in time, sure, but he can't actually affect anything that happens. Travelling into the future likely has a similar effect, not that he has any interest in going forward at all.

Due to reasons such as timespace being complicated and this chapter of his powerset being incredibly stupid abusable, all timespace powers are remaining locked out until further notice.

His Nasod Dynamos (some assembly required).
A large and needless array of wall-mounted screens for his computer.
Copies of some of his notes, battle data, Nasod blueprints, etc., preferably in digital format only since he doesn't keep paper notes.
Like a hundred creepy stalker photos of Eve.
Pictures/photo albums of him and his family.
Lots of dry science textbooks.
Cleaning supplies.
Hoodies with cat ear.

Cause of Death:
Fatal turtle accident.
Long story short, he was trampled by a giant magical wind spirit because he's an idiot.

Denial, and lots of it. After all, he can travel through time! He cheats death on a regular basis! Besides, he's clearly still walking around and conscious, so there's no logical way he could actually be dead. It's just a matter of finding a way to go back and undo whatever brought him there or "killed" him or whatever, clearly. Denial can't last forever, though, so when the realization finally sinks in he... probably won't take it well. He's been through a lot, dedicated his life to undoing his own past, and already failed at that. Dying effectively makes everything he's ever accomplished a complete waste.

Considering his history of over-the-top tantrums whenever his life gets screwed over in new and exciting ways, his eventual reaction will probably be along the lines of plotting to blow up the afterlife.

In order of least- to most-likely to traumatize:
Dirt. Add is a total germophobe and detests being dirty, being surrounded by filth, or even just seeing other people who don't seem to mind being slightly less than clean.
Timespace powers are a thing, so I am fully expecting a lot of weird glitches like deja vu and mini timeloops and stuff getting moved around in his presence. Since timespace is his area of expertise and he has an obsession with being in control, having things bend or ignore the normal rules of reality that he's used to will make him a fair bit paranoid about his own ability to manipulate those rules. More of an annoyance that'll make him obsess over calculations rather than a fear, though.
Ghosts. Or, I guess, anything that he can't explain with science, but it's really just ghosts that freak him out who is he even kidding.
Isolation/claustrophobia. The feeling of being trapped is what bothers him the most, since he's not a really social kid and doesn't mind the "being alone" part so much on its own. Loneliness does still get to him, though.
His eyes are a slight sore point, though they don't really bug him on their own anymore. For starters, he kinda had to have gouged them out at some point in his childhood due to the whole "total isolation" and "cybernetic implants" thing, so... yeah. In this particular timeline as well, his use of timespace manipulation starts to cause his eyes to turn black, which he at first covers up with an eyepatch but eventually gives up and just rolls with it. He's kinda gotten used to it, but he also doesn't really pay attention to it himself. As an extension of that: his powers causing further damage or mutation to his body is something that he secretly worries about, even if his solution to this seems to be to ignore it completely. Things like having his body mutate or break down is guaranteed to freak him out. Canon isn't really clear on what that would be, but think along the lines of his blood turning into black goop, his skin shattering like glass, parts of his body crystallizing or dissolving, etc. That kind of fun stuff.
Things related to his death, for obvious reasons. Go dump some buckets of sand on him. He will be in extreme denial about this for a good long while, so anything to stir up those memories will get a reaction out of him.
Being made powerless, physically restrained or tortured, anything that might call back to his short time as a child slave, etc. Add likes to be in control of everything around him, and having that reversed is at the very least upsetting to him.
Losing the people close to him, which is part of why he's so resistant to friendship. Having lost everything he's ever known once in his lifetime when his family was killed, and then again when he himself died, Add can't stand the thought of losing any more people he cares about. Death and injury isn't as big a deal to him as permanent death (aka situations where they won't necessarily revive with game mechanics) and having that person hate him is.
Anything to do with his family and their deaths, particularly his mom. Doesn't take much to figure out why, what with the whole "obsessing over his dead parents and his past" storyline he's got going on. He also gets super upset over alternate-universe versions of his family/himself because they're not his/himself, so the real challenge with this one would be finding a way to show the kid his parents without sending him into a hysterical fit.