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Threadjacking? If it's a public network post, feel free! If it's a locked network post/thread or a log, I'd prefer it if you ask first.
Backtagging? I thrive off backtags. Yes, always, and as old as you want.
Fourthwalling? Preferably not, but it depends on the context. Ask if you're really set on the idea.
Offensive subjects? If I don't wanna write something I'll just say so aka I'll let you know if I'm uncomfortable with something in a thread if it occurs, but overall I'm pretty difficult to offend.

Hugging/kissing/flirting? Flirting will be met by a very awkward and/or flustered response, or he'll just... pretend it didn't happen, does that count as awkward...

As for hugging/kissing, there is a very, very high likelihood that he is going to react poorly to any attempts. He doesn't like physical contact, and if he's in a particularly bad mood even trying to touch his arm or shoulder can set him off. Unless it's someone he's really close to or they ask him if he's okay with it first, he's probably going to resist whatever is being attempted on him. Kissing is not going to happen without some serious speed and stealth, hugs will be wriggled out of, etc.

Attacking this character? Please let me know in advance if your character is going to attack him in any way. I'm totally fine with letting Add get beaten up 90% of the time, but keep in mind he is not a physically strong character and is very easy to injure, knock out or kill. He's from a canon with anime-tier OP characters, but all of Add's powers come from his machines and Add himself is described at one point as being even weaker than your average human civilian. He's dangerously underweight, bad at taking care of himself, and would probably lose an arm wrestling match against a toddler. He is a delicate flower. He must be handled with care.

If he's unarmed, he's basically defenceless. If he has his Dynamos with him, chances are your character isn't going to be able to get a solid hit on him if he can anticipate it. Most importantly, if we are arranging some sort of fight I'd like to make sure he isn't going to end up unexpectedly unconscious or dead, so yeah. Please just ask first before you do anything crazy, otherwise we're going to end up with either a very short thread or I'll have to bother you to edit your tags.

Injuring this character? See the above! He is very easy to injure, so please ask before attempting to cause any serious injuries.

Torture (physical/mental)? Ask first, see all of the above, etc.

Offensive subjects? Slavery is an extremely sensitive topic for him, depending on the context he'll either clam up or become completely livid. Belittlement in a highly personal and aggressive manner (ie. pointing out his specific flaws/mistakes and dragging him over the coals for it beyond the point of reason) can also cause him to clam up or have a slight meltdown, though this also depends a lot on the context. Telling him he did something stupid until he admits it won't cause him any more stress than he deserves, but ridiculing him and refusing to let it go might strike a bit too close to he abuse he suffered as a child. He also has strong opinions on duplicates or alternate-reality versions of people, though he'll only get upset about it if it's someone he knows personally.

Feel free to emotionally scar my characters however you want, though!

Death? Ask first, depends on the situation/game rules re: character death.

Reading this character's mind/emotions/memories? Give me a heads up so I know what to expect, and so I can sprinkle things for your character to pick up on throughout my tags. He doesn't have much for mental defences.

Mind control? Ask first! Depends on the situation/reason for it.

Warnings? Add is one hell of a stalker with extremely gray morals and a poor concept of boundaries, though his creepy habits will only come up if your character is a robot or cyborg. That said, he will ignore other characters' personal comfort, and may persist even if he is told upfront to stop, stalk and monitor a character of interest without their knowing, and/or try to touch characters in a way that could be considered sexual harassment. He is honestly just oblivious and would immediately become embarrassed/defensive if someone pointed out to him how it could be misinterpreted, but since he's toeing on a bit of a touchy subject please just let me know in advance if any of the above would be crossing a line for you and I'll make sure to tone it back. Again, though, this only applies to cyborgs/robots. Otherwise he's not going to care enough to spill into weirdo stalker territory.

Anything else you should know? His eyes have cybernetic implants in them. It's not terribly obvious unless you're way up in his personal space, but they have an odd purple glow to them and a sort of power-symbol on the pupils.

His eyes also sometimes have black sclera, which is... just a thing that he does. In fact, his eyes will usually have black sclera. He can switch between black and white at will, because reasons. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED feel free to assume it matches the icons and comment on it changing back and forth, or assume it's just staying in the same state. Basically just assume whatever you want about them if I'm not saying anything specific.

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