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God Information ◈ [community profile] thefarshore

Character: Add
Canon: Elsword

God: Henir
Mythology: Norse (and Ellian)
Power: Clairvoyance
Henir can spy on any location within teleport range by summoning a floating eye to "see" for him. Anything seen by the eye can either go directly to his mind, or it can be displayed on the surface of a floating cube he can summon at will. Multiple locations can be viewed at a time when using the cube as a projector (up to six, one for each cube surface). Summoned eyes can float freely or be planted on solid surfaces, and can be created large or small—small eyes are more discreet, but larger eyes make for a clearer image.

Eyes can also be attacked/destroyed or covered up, if someone doesn't like being spied on. Damage to the eyes translates to a headache on Henir's end, and it may take a few minutes to create any new eyes if he lets it be destroyed.

Shinki: Jakob
Followers: 13,275

From the outside, Henir's tower seems small but quaint. Constructed from old stone and covered in ivy, the building rests on a wide stone patio with several potted plants, seating for guests, and a stone shed off to the side for gardening and other outdoor supplies. On the tower itself is a wooden door decorated with distinct angular patterns, and above it is a single window made of blue stained-glass and similar patterns etched into the glass. Behind the building are overgrown plants and flowers, thinning as the grounds stretch out into wide rolling hills into the distance.

On the inside, the tower is more complex than it seems. The first thing one will notice is that the tower seems to be much wider on the inside, and the staircase spiralling around it extends infinitely upwards. As the tower is climbed, light starts to shine faintly through numerous blue stained-glass windows that line the staircase—if one stares at them for long enough, images of places both familiar and unfamiliar can be seen through the glass. There are no doors or landings within the tower, but knocking on any of the windows will cause it to shatter and transform the visitor's surroundings into a perfect illusion of the image behind it. Everything in the illusion can be interacted with, though it can't create anything sentient and nothing can be taken outside of the tower. Outside objects brought into the illusion and left behind will remain there, moved to logical locations within the illusion to suit its master's needs.

Once an illusion is entered, though, the only way to leave is to search the area for another floating "window"... which will lead straight into another illusion. If you're persistent enough (or if Henir gets bored of watching you struggle), you'll eventually be dumped into a large, dark space filled with floating cubes. Gravity is questionable here, but the cube surfaces can be walked on regardless of their orientation. Each large cube contains an illusion reflected faintly on its surface, and the maze can be re-entered simply by knocking on the surface of any cube to create an opening. It's also possible to ignore these cubes and glide off into the unknown depths of Henir's domain, where the surrounding space gradually becomes darker and more ineffable as the laws of time and space are undone. A powerful energy can be felt the deeper one travels, though it's difficult to say if anyone could return from such a trip without Henir's guidance...

To leave, all one needs to do is find one of the smaller floating cubes within Henir's space and give it a polite knock to reveal a portal back to the entrance. The same method can be used to enter as well—a knock on the door of the tower entrance can be heard from inside, giving the temple's residents an opportunity to welcome the guest inside without any of that illusion maze nonsense.

~ ~ ~ ~

Apocalypse ([personal profile] hexahedron)
A holographic AI assistant/combat summon he created (in another timeline).
Apocalypse's "body" is a very small cube with a glowing core in the center (similar to this) that projects a hardlight form overtop it. As a result, Apocalypse's form can shift and change into wildly different shapes and sizes ranging from around palm-sized to, at most, the same size as Add, though its shape tends to remain as a gridded cube by default (and it sometimes includes a cute cat face and ears outside of combat). It can float and levitate freely as well as interact with physical objects to a limited degree. It has limited control over magnetism/gravity wells to allow "lifting" of small objects, or it can carry them ontop of its hardlight body (though it can't move anything too heavy, such as a person).

Apocalypse is programmed with an adaptive AI that's capable of making independent decisions, so its more of a pet than a regular object. It's also capable of limited communication (mainly text and direct prompts from Add, it can't really "speak" properly beyond loud horrible screeching noises). Due to his previous existence as a shinki, there have been several blocks placed on its memory to remove key information regard Add's past. These blocks have since been lifted. It recognizes that Add is its owner and creator, but also that Add is different from how he should be (as this Add is from a totally different universe than its real creator, even if they're technically the same person).

In terms of practical/combat abilities, Apocalypse basically functions as a limited version of Add's dynamos. It can scan/detect living entities within a limited range around it, perform basic calculations, record information and project it on simple holoscreens, short-range teleportation, etc. Its attacks include concentrated energy beams, homing lasers, gravity wells, and bursts of hardlight fragments. Attacks are generated from the core at the centre of Apocalypse's body and it has to spread out its outer body to direct and use its attacks, so its also at its most vulnerable while attacking. Pretty much all of that can be seen here. Combat mode uses a large amount of energy, so it can only be sustained for short bursts without draining Apocalypse's battery completely. It can get around this a little by feeding off of its master's (Add's) energy, so its most effective while at its master's side.

Combat mode is strictly on a self-defense autopilot system at the moment, due to the fact that Add doesn't know how to access Apocalypse's codes or utilize it correctly. Apocalypse will only switch to combat mode if Add or someone identified as an ally/friend is being physically threatened. Otherwise, it will refrain from combat unless absolutely necessary.

Jakob is currently identified as its "second-in-command", so if Add is not present then it will accept direct orders from Jakob.

Nasod Dynamo
A set of six hovering drones that Add uses for combat, transportation and data collection.
Add is always in communication with Dynamo thanks to a chip implanted behind his left eye. They are essentially an extension of himself, constantly moving and shifting reflexively like a part of his own body. Their movements can even be read as "body language" to interpret his mood. The drones can be moved independently or in groups of two or three, and Add retains direct control of them until they move outside of his range of sight. At this point, he can command them to return or to follow a specific path/target on autopilot, while finer actions become extremely difficult to perform without visual information. Data stored on Dynamo or collected through its sensors can be displayed on holographic screens or fed directly to Add's implant.

Dynamo runs on a solar-powered battery. However, this is mainly used as a backup battery; the primary power source is actually Add himself. Dynamo is specially designed to feed off of the mana in Add's body, so while it can move around while out of Add's range, its capabilities are much more limited in this state. Add has also designed a program to allow it to sap mana from other targets as well, but this only works in very small doses.

In combat, it can generate electrical shocks and blasts, reverse or intensify gravitational forces, and move objects or enemies around through gravity manipulation as well as magnetism. Add can also apply a magnetic field around his body to make himself hover without riding them directly, as well as draw out more attacking power from the Dynamo's internal batteries. Dynamo's basic attacks and abilities can be seen here. As far as transportation goes, Dynamo can collectively support the weight of up to two people for extended flight. It can support a great deal more weight than that through use of gravity manipulation, allowing it to generate "barriers" for short bursts of time. Other abilities also include projection of simple hardlight structures and a cloaking mode that allows the Dynamo to surround an object and render it invisible to the naked eye.

Add's specialty, however, is time and space manipulation. Most of these abilities can be seen here. He can generate very powerful attacks by distorting space and reality around him. His main usage of this is through smashing cracks and holes into other dimensions that he can move between rapidly, as well as teleporting or binding his enemies in place. Some of his attacks create powerful vibrations in reality that can inflict mental trauma and hallucinations. His power over time allows him to "save" a point in time and revert a person's physical state back to that point. This reversal is set to trigger automatically when the target is killed within thirty seconds of the buff being applied. He is also able to travel back and forth across time, though this uses up a massive amount of energy and cannot be used to change the past or predict the future—anything that would create a paradox results in an alternate timelime, and moving back in time tends to lead to vastly different universes anyway.

Using Dynamo's power comes at a cost. Dynamo doesn't just use Add's mana as a power source, Add also acts as the medium that channels and directs that power through Dynamo. There are safety mechanisms in place to prevent Add from outright killing himself, but manipulating something as complex as reality is very taxing on his body. Using his powers too recklessly can cause some of that energy to flow back into him with enough force to break bones and damage internal organs and muscles. Use of his powers over the years has also poisoned his body with radiation from timespace, which is visible in his eyes and faintly in blood. He suffers from semi-frequent headaches and dizzy spells, and if he's been abusing his powers recently he might cough up a black tar-like substance. This condition will eventually worsen as he continues to use his abilities.

A neon-orange rabbit that used to belong to Roxas. Very low-maintenance.

Henir Lord's Clothing
A magically-reinforced outfit. It generates a glittering tiara and various magic seals and accessories when worn. It's more durable and protective than it looks and carries some odd timespace properties.