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Deaths ◈ [community profile] thefarshore

Cause of Death: Combat, various injuries
Location: Various
Due to the nature of his revival skill, Seal of Time, Add has died many, many times in combat, albeit for very brief periods before being revived. Gods will be able to pick up on these deaths, though making out the finer details will be difficult because of how numerous they are. Gods may also be able to recognize the blue aura of the Seal's activation.

Cause of Death: Crushed under a heavy object
Location: Sander desert, near Behemoth
When Anudran asked the party to go back and help clean up Behemoth's demon-infested innards, Add stubbornly refused to come along. While the rest of the group went on ahead to finish up the job, Add stayed behind on the airship. He started having second thoughts after waiting around on the ship's deck for awhile, feeling vaguely guilty, and decided that he'd go back in anyway, just, y'know, to make sure the job gets done quickly, not because he cares or anything.

It's here that he made the fatal mistake of thinking "I can totally make that jump". Behemoth is an enormous beast of a spirit, and the "entrance" to its maze-like insides was a gaping hole in its skull, which the airship was circling around idly. Instead of asking the ship's crew to go in closer for a minute or telling literally anyone that he might be jumping down there, Add just jumped off the side of the ship and tried to glide over to the entrance on his Dynamos. This plan almost worked, except Behemoth made an unexpected move at the last second, causing Add to crash and fall several stories to the ground below.

Miraculously, Add survived the fall. Not so miraculously, he didn't survive Behemoth stepping on him about ten seconds later. He died near-instantly when his spine and skull were crushed by the impact.

Cause of Death: Buried alive, suffocation
Location: The Crazy Tribute night club, karaoke room #4
After a long and messy vivisection session, a combination of glitches in the system created a feedback loop: upon perceiving the blood covering the Psiioniic's dead body, dirt and sand started to pile into the sealed room from seemingly nowhere at a slow but steady pace of one "bucketful" every second or so. This continued until the room was completely filled. Because of how long it took, Add was relatively calm at the start (if extremely annoyed at being dirty) and became more and more panicked as he realized he was unable to leave the room. By the time there was enough dirt to restrict his movements he was in full panic mode, screaming and banging on any available surface. He passed out from hyperventilation before the dirt suffocated him.

The room was also blasting very loud and cheery JPOP the entire time. It was a bit muffled near the end for obvious reasons.

Cause of Death: Decapitation via dragon
Location: Apartments, Memex 408 balcony
Waking up from an unpleasant dream, Add stepped out of the apartment in the middle of the night to stand on the balcony. After only a couple minutes, a shadow passed over him. He only got to see the inside of a dragon's mouth for a split second before being decapitated.

Cause of Death: Strangulation
Location: Cruise ship, kitchen
Strangled by Rin Matsuoka after a struggle. Genis Sage stood by but was too shocked to intervene until it was too late.

Cause of Death: Poisoning
Location: Cruise ship, bedroom
Poisoned during dinner by a powerful but tasteless substance. His only memory of this death was feeling somewhat ill and lying down in bed, then dying painlessly in his sleep.

Cause of Death: Dismemberment
Location: School, in front of the principal's office
Dragged violently from the entrance of the school by the hall monitor. He was incredibly panicked, but the creature was both too strong and fast for him to fight against. After reaching the door to the principal's office, the creature ripped his body apart until it was completely unrecognizable. He was alive and screaming for enough of this to be deeply traumatizing.

Cause of Death: Decapitation via close-range explosion
Location: School, one of the C classrooms
Killed by head explosion alongside Gintoki Sakata and Raine Sage. After determining that Gintoki had the key, he used his dynamo to take it by force and tried to remove the collar from his neck. This triggered all of their collars to self-destruct, instantly killing all three of them at once.

Cause of Death: Stabbed in the heart
Location: Apartments, Memex 408
Due to excessive use of his spatiotemporal abilities, his mind and body became so severely damaged that he had lost his capacity for emotions and was slowly dying from his internal organs breaking down. Because there was no way for him to recover from this state, Data-Roxas stepped forward to give him a mercy killing. He was stabbed clean through the heart with a keyblade. The weapon was left in his chest and twisted to allow him to bleed out more effectively.

"This time I'll end your pain" were Roxas' final words to him, forced out in a strained voice. It was difficult to tell because of his hood, but it sounded and looked like he could have been crying.

Add, however, was disturbingly calm throughout the entire process. He showed no reaction to being murdered, or to his friend's words, besides coughing up black blood while his insides were being shredded.

Cause of Death: Erasure
Location: Empty white void
There's nothing clear leading up to this death. Add simply appeared in an empty white void and waited as his body and mind were slowly erased by the system. His feelings on his imminent and likely permanent death were mixed, though mostly he was resigned and tried his best to think about the good things in his life before he vanished.