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"This is Add. State your business and I'll get back to you if necessary."
[ beep ]
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it is a little embarrassing but my shinki form is that of a pot lid. My ability seems to be more of a limiter more then anything else.
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Adddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd~!! hello hello!
are you there? good morning!!

if you still want ill show you around the town! we can get something sweet to snack on too if you're hungry!!
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really? are you okay? if you need help with something we can do that instead! i dont mind it could be fun if we both work together! o vob

anywhere is good! i donno where you live and i dont think you know where my shrine is soooo how about where we first bumped into each other? you know by the arcade and bike shop???
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[Super fast excited reply!]


O o o o thats cute add-san!

i can show you that to! okay! ill see you ASAP then! we'll have lots of fun!
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[Sorry Add but between knowing exactly where she's going and the teleporting, she is easily there waiting. But that doesn't stop her from looking around to try and find him. Instead of a bright pink robot with neon lights; there's a teenage girl.

The moment she spots the mop of white hair and the rest of him she's skipping over, waving]

Add-san!!! Add-san!! Hello!

[She beams brightly, coming to a stop in front of him]

Ready to explore?

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It's late, but I have something for you.

[And by late he means what exactly? Who knows]
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After a successful mission, isn't it normal to get some kind of reward?

[See where this is going?]
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Are you actually talking yourself out of getting something?

Without even finding out what it is?
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You did the job with me, what else is there?
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The memories I have...

After a mission, you do something as a reward for completing the task. But I didn't have the means, at the time.

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[Feeling bad for upsetting Add with his stupid dumb jokes, Sora leaves a gift at Chang'e's temple for Add to find. It's a tin of chocolate robots with a little note.]


Sorry! Peace offering, okay? No hard feelings?

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[Sora's gonna take that as a thank you in Add-Speak so he's pleased.]

haha, I get it! Glad you liked the chocos!
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[So Add really likes chocolate. Duly noted.]

wow, you mean it? i got them at [insert near shore store address here]! they apparently run out pretty quick so try going early in the morning if you want more!
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[Sora is laughing at his phone. Add was so serious. But he is glad Add isn't mad anymore.]

i know i'm right, i know all the best places to get sweets.

haha ok ok ok!

[Whatever you say Add, you weirdo!]
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