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Shinki Information ◈ [community profile] thefarshore

Character: Add
Canon: Elsword

Vessel Name: 加器 | Kaki | centre of his chest
Vessel Form: A USB flash drive
Power: Allows his God to use the Seal of Time ability.
When activated, it casts a blue aura around the user that "saves" that point in time for anyone caught within the seal's range. If a "sealed" person is killed or mortally wounded while under the seal's effect, their physical state will automatically revert back to how it was when the seal was originally cast on them, allowing them to instantly recover from injuries and cheat death.

However, the seal has its limits. It can only remain active on a person for up to 20 seconds at most before it wears off, so an attack must be anticipated to be reversed. Anyone revived by the seal will feel vaguely nauseous and may experience "phantom pains" from their former injuries for a few minutes afterwards, and they cannot be re-sealed until the side-effects pass naturally. It will also only activate upon death or "an injury that would lead to death". No matter how serious or severe an injury is, if it's not fatal it won't activate the seal.

Notably, the seal's effect doesn't actually heal damage, it literally restores a person to a previous physical state in time. This means the seal has some additional uses besides just preventing a fatal injury. For example, if a character has to expend magical energy ("MP") to use special attacks, they could have the seal cast on them, use a powerful skill, and then kill themselves. Upon death, the seal would activate and restore them to the point before using their skill, which in turn would allow them to use the same skill again. The seal's restorative effects are also passed on to any objects present on the target, so you could also use the same example with a physical weapon, such as a gun expending bullets and then having them restored after the wielder activates the seal. However, this effect also works in reverse: if you reloaded a weapon, healed yourself, restored your own magical energy, or otherwise made a positive change to your own physical state after the seal was cast, all those positive effects would also be undone after the seal's activation. Seal of Time does not discriminate between positive or negative changes. You just get exactly what you had before.

TL;DR, you get a buff that gives you a free worst-case-scenario undo button.

He also functions as a regular ol' USB stick. Storage space might a bit tight, considering he needs room for all those complex timespace revival coordinates. He can access any data stored on him and make simple changes to the raw code, though he'd have to be plugged into a computer to see the final product for things like images or programs.

God: Chang'e
EXP: 458

Cause of Death: It's complicated.