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Name: Add
Canon: Elsword
Canon Point: Between the Sander and Lanox arcs Elysion arc, ep.24; Monad.exe CRAU
Age: "20" (19 upon death + 1 year spent in Monad)

History - Canon:
References: General setting backstory, main plot summary, Add's background and class choices
The other character classes in this Add's timeline: Lord Knight, Grand Archer, Dimension Witch, Blade Master, Code Nemesis, Deadly Chaser, Asura, Blazing Heart, Diabolic Esper, Royal Guard, Noblesse.

Sadly, this canon suffers a chronic case of plotholes and retcons, in addition to being just barely coherent to begin with. SO, I am going to ramble at you all, for anyone who might prefer a more detailed summary. Be warned that headcanon abounds from this point on! Such is the way of poorly thought out canons, though I do my best to stay as close to canon as possible.

This history section is outdated as of recent canon developments/retcons to Add's backstory.
Add was born during the peak of Elrios' Golden Age, when the robotic Nasod race still obediently served humankind and the El was a seemingly limitless resource of raw energy. His parents were both Nasod researchers, studying new ways to engineer the Nasods for human prosperity. Unfortunately for them, it was also during this time that the Nasod uprising began, and suddenly Nasod research became completely outlawed. Despite this, Add's parents were passionate about their work and continued their studies in secret. They were eventually caught by the authorities, executed, and the village that had sheltered them was burned to the ground. Add was one of the few survivors of the event, but for his parents' crimes he was imprisoned and later sold into slavery. After suffering through a few long months of cruelty, Add got lucky and managed to escape his captors and make a run for it. He didn't make it very far, being a small child chased by adults with guns, and ended up toppling off a cliff. THE END.

Except no, not really, because instead of falling to his death Add instead woke up in a strange Nasod archive full to the brim with books and files and discs of data. It also had a large stockpile of canned food and fresh water, enough to last him several years. Since the library didn't have any exit he could reach, and he couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be anyway, Add proceeded to spend the next several years of his life soaking up knowledge in solitude. Following in his parents' footsteps, he poured over everything he could find in relation to Nasods and machinery.

As the years went on and his knowledge became more and more refined, he started constructing his own Nasod-like technology using scraps lying around the library. His interest turned into an obsession, lacking any other outlet to put his energy into, and he soon became frustrated when he started to run out of new material to work with in his isolated library. He was also running out of food, which was a problem. Add started directing his attention towards finding a method of escape instead, and after much trial and error he managed to use his newly-constructed dynamos to climb out through the shaft he'd fallen down when he'd first arrived there.

He was expecting the world to look different after all the time he'd spent in the library, but he was surprised to find it was actually 1000 years worth of different. His original plan had been to continue his parents research, but that idea fell flat the moment he learned that the Nasods had been wiped out a millennium ago. Everyone he'd ever known was dead, so revenge was out of the question. So far, his future seemed as bleak and pointless as ever, and so Add began to research time and space manipulation in hopes of returning to his own era.

As fate would have it, his escape from the library left him right near the village of Elder. With his acute knowledge of advanced Nasod technology, it didn't take him long to discover the secret of the castle's Lord, Wally—not only was he researching the ancient technology of the Nasods, he was building his own army. With some stealth and a bit of brute force, Add managed to worm his way past the castle walls to confront Wally in person... only to learn that, at the very same time, a vicious gang of children and an elf were also raiding his castle to stop his evil plans. Wally's Nasods were destroyed in the ensuing battle, and Wally himself escaped during the chaos along with a large El Shard he'd stolen from the nearby village of Ruben. Not wanting to lose track of his only clue to the lost Nasod race, Add set off to pursue the fleeing lord.

Pursue from a safe distance, of course, because Wally was still also being pursued by the El Scouts that had chased him off in the first place—Elsword, Aisha and Rena. Add decided early on that they could be useful, but he didn't want to deal with them directly (they seemed obnoxious, for one, and he also wasn't expecting a warm welcome considering he wanted to collaborate with Wally rather than arrest him), so he simply followed them from town to town and let them do all the hard tracking work. The group eventually tracked Wally to a mine with some airships stashed away inside, arriving just in time to hitch a ride with the cargo and confront Wally again. Distracting the trio of El Scouts with another robot, Wally proceeded with his plan to trade the stolen El to a mysterious man by the name of Raven... except, well, Raven kind of just took the El and threw Wally off the airship. Whoops. By the time the Elgang managed to defeat Wally's latest robot menace, the cargo ship was already making a nosedive for the ground with a few extra smoking holes in its hull.

Add made his own escape from the sinking ship, MacGyvering himself a parachute or a hangglider or whatever, and saved Wally's ass like a true knight in shining armour. He then made Wally an offer: if Wally showed him where he found all his Nasod tech, Add would give him the codes for a new Nasod death machine. Conveniently enough, they'd already crash-landed on the place where Wally got all his Nasod info from—the floating island of Altera, the final resting place of the ancient Nasods. While the rest of the Elgang occupied themselves with chasing after Raven and the El, Add and Wally made a beeline for the Core of Altera. Along the way, Add quickly learned that the Nasods weren't as long-dead as he'd been lead to believe, but instead put into some sort of stasis due to the lack of El left in the world. The "Nasod King" had already been awoken and was in the process of reviving the long-dead race by collecting the El needed to power them. Wally had been helping with this in exchange for knowledge and technology, though he'd apparently used up his worth on that last El shard.

Of course, because Wally is an asshole, he ditched Add not long after they start their journey through Altera. Add still made it to the Core before the Elgang (+1, because Raven defected and joined the party), but by the time he got there Wally was already working away at deciphering the Core's code. Add was none too please with this, though there wasn't much time for him to complain since the aforementioned Elgang arrived soon after him. Determined to retrieve the El that King Nasod had stolen, the group cut a path of destruction through the halls of the Core, took down the King himself, and removed the central power source. The Core finally shut down, and that along with the damage to the structure of the building made it nigh-impossible to recover the precious data lost within its databanks.

Add was furious. He swore vengeance on the group that demolished the Core, and for a moment it seemed that all hope was lost for his future in Nasods. However, a strange new figure caught his eye as the Elgang made their escape from the core of Altera: the "power source" and Queen Nasod herself, Eve.

In light of this new discovery, and also because he doesn't like people screwing him over, Add betrayed Wally and trapped him in the Altera Core. Add then started his new lifelong journey of stalking the shit out of Eve. At this point, for the record, the Eve & the gang still had no clue he was even following them, or at least they didn't have any idea who he was or why he popped up in every town they visited. Eve's party continued their journey back to Ruben, where their quest had originally started, to return the stolen El to its rightful place. From there, they did some cleanup in Elder (Wally somehow escaped from Altera Core before it collapsed and finished building that giant killer robot Add gave him the codes for, whoops), defeated an undead dragon, and fought off some toxic plant parasites back on Altera. About two years pass, with Add continuing his spacetime research during his time off from stalking Eve.

Eventually, the group was called to the nearby camp in Feita to take care of some demon problems, with Add trailing along as usual. It started to become more obvious that Add was stalking them, at this point, since he was just a little bit protective of the last surviving Nasod. Still, he managed to at least keep enough distance so they couldn't harass him when he wasn't harassing them back, occasionally making failed attempts to steal off the Queen for his own personal research.

It's here that Add's research finally started to draw the attention of Glave, the Administrator of Time and Space. Glave's past wasn't so different from Add's, in a way, so maybe he had a bit of sympathy for the boy. Or maybe he just thought it'd be more interesting to have another guy around who can fuck with time and space. Reasoning aside, after making Add prove himself Glave agreed to help him out a bit with his research, and when that help comes from the guy who literally manages reality it sure goes a long way. As the Elgang proceeded to their next destination, the city of Velder (currently under siege by demons), Add's years of research started to reach something concrete. He put aside some time to help out the locals in exchange for laboratory space, directing all his attention and energy now into perfecting his time travel method so that he could finally, finally go home. And, after another gruelling year of trial and error and casual Eve-stalking, his research was finally complete.

But things didn't go exactly as he'd planned. Add was able to travel back in time to his own era, but he was surprised to find his parents still alive and well, along with another version of himself living a completely normal and happy life. Upon further investigation, he came to the conclusion that even with the correct timespace coordinates, there was still the complicated matter of alternate universes, something completely beyond the scope of his understanding. Without any method to isolate his own specific timeline, it would be almost impossible for him to travel back to his own past. Devastated by his three years of work ending in failure, Add threw a sizable tantrum and decided to redirect his research into something else: using his powers over time and space to destroy these other realities. If he couldn't undo his past or even have vengeance, he'd just have to settle for tearing apart every other reality until he found the one he wanted. He took out his anger on his own alternate selves, eventually escalating to violence and murder on particularly bad days.

Plots of multiuniversal destruction aside, Eve and her group were still trucking along in the present, fighting demons and trying to save Velder as best they could. As the group prepared to leave for their next destination, the city of Hamel, to request aid in Velder's defence, Eve finally tracked down and confronted Add at his lab. The two got into a brief fight, but Add retreated when the rest of her group showed up to help. The Elgang proceeded towards Hamel, with Add following along behind them.

Because this is an RPG, Hamel was also being attacked by demons, so the group ended up sticking around to help them instead for awhile. As their enemies became more powerful, Add found himself stepping in to help the main party more and more, under the logic that he can't have anyone (besides maybe himself) doing anything to hurt Eve. Gradually, Add started to change from a nuisance to an unofficial party member, and by the time the group was finishing up their quest in Hamel he was pretty much expected to swoop in and help out when needed, with Eve-kidnapping attempts becoming less frequent. After some close shaves and maybe a bonding episode or two, he finally succumbed to the Elgang's sickening katamari of friendship and joined the damn party.

And so the group continued on through Hamel, got a couple more party members, went back to save Velder (kind of...), and after that moved along to their next demon-infested location, the creatively named desert village of Sander, hunting demons and saving mystical priestesses. Add doesn't really care about any of this shit, though. He's only really in it to follow Eve around.

After much heroic adventuring, preventing several wars and beating up a lot of demons, the Elgang fought a giant succubus inside a magical spirit turtle to save the local priestess, Anudran. Afterwards, she politely requested that they finish clearing out all the weird demon shit inside her magic turtle friend.

History - CRAU:
References: Monad.exe, thread/log directory, CR chart
At the end of his canon point, he accidentally killed himself. When Anudran asked the party to go back and help clean up Behemoth's demon-infested innards, Add stubbornly refused to come along because holy shit that's gross. While the rest of the group went on ahead to finish up the job, Add stayed behind on the airship Sandtilus. He started having second thoughts after waiting around on the ship's deck for awhile, feeling vaguely guilty, and decided that he'd go back in anyway, just, y'know, to make sure the job gets done quickly, not because he cares or anything.

It's here that he made the fatal mistake of thinking "I can totally make that jump". Behemoth is an enormous beast of a spirit, and the "entrance" to its maze-like insides was a gaping hole in its skull, which the Sandtilus was circling around idly. Instead of asking the ship's crew to go in closer for a minute or telling literally anyone that he might be jumping down there, Add just jumped off the side of the ship and tried to glide over to the entrance on his Dynamos. This plan almost worked, except Behemoth made an unexpected move at the last second, causing Add to crash and fall several stories to the ground below.

Miraculously, Add survived the fall. Not so miraculously, he didn't survive Behemoth stepping on him about ten seconds later. He regrets everything.

Instead of passing on to whatever afterlife may or may not exist in Elrios, his "soul data" was uploaded to the computer program named Monad—a self-proclaimed virtual afterlife run by a series of AIs that could draw in souls from different universes. Despite having good intentions, the program was unfortunately very unstable, and most of its attempts at being helpful or comforting lead to a lot of pain and trauma for its unwilling guests. Add spent fifteen months in Monad before his data was erased. I'm only going to summarize the major events here for the sake of not rambling for ten million paragraphs.
On arriving in Monad on January 1st, Add's memories of his death were unclear, and he refused to believe he was actually dead. This denial lasted about a month due to a combination of the system's various "glitches". First he was forced ("forced") to vivisect another user of the system, and as a result of this he was buried alive under a torrent of sand and dirt. That in itself was enough to remind him of what dying was like (very unpleasant, and also dirty).

Just to hammer in how totally dead he was, though, the system hecked up again in February and reverted everyone back to their physical state at death. Having been crushed into a human pancake by an exceedingly large reptile, at this point it was pretty much impossible for him to forget how he died. It was during this month that he first met (Data-)Roxas, who offered to help him get around since all of his limbs were thoroughly broken. They also went on a date together against their will, but it was pretty boring. The food was okay.

March passed by without anything too dramatic happening. Add started working on rebuilding his Dynamos using parts obtained from the system's shops and dismantling his room's computer.

In April, the system sent out messages telling each user that, due to some error, everyone was going to be deleted unless their data was "fixed" by being murdered. They were also unable to speak of the message or explain their intentions, which was made further complicated by the fact that being "fixed" in this way made the user forget the message in the first place. Add decided he didn't want to take his chances and came up with a plan to kill the small handful of people he deemed "useful", then goad the other users into revenge-killing him for it. Sadly, it didn't quite work as he'd hoped. He successfully killed all his (totally not actual) friends, but a combination of JRPG protags, his friends not being vengeful enough and one really spiteful enemy of his, they ended up just tying him up in his room for the rest of the month instead. On the bright side, the "fatal error that would lead to deletion" ended up being just a minor graphical effect that the system managed to fix on its own without erasing anyone.

For May, everyone was plagued by strange nightmares unique to their own fears and regrets, and they were also able to enter the dreams of other users. In one of these nightmares Add had a bit of a mental breakdown and admitted a little too much to an observing Roxas, hinting to his desire to change his past and erase his own existence. Roxas didn't take this too well, though Add refused to admit to anything and insisted that he was misunderstanding it somehow.

June was marked by a cruise ship being introduced, and users were invited to sign eachother up for cruise trips. Add ended up being dragged along on a trip by his friend Rin, despite his protests that it was probably a trap and something horrible would happen (surprise, it was a trap). The cruise turned out to be a "murder mystery cruise", except instead of a fake murder it just picked two random people on the boat and made one of them kill the other. Rin ended up killing Add, which didn't actually damage their friendship that much since Add killed Rin first in April. Bonding?

July went by without too much happening. Add continued to work on his Dynamos, which were starting to come along nicely. Small-scale experiments with spatial distortions were started around this time, though he hadn't quite reached the point of attempting full portals or teleportation.

August introduced a large school to the system. It also insisted all the school-age users attend along with a handful of adults to serve as teachers. Of course, like pretty much everything else, the school ended up being a death trap filled with a wide variety of dangerous and unsettling glitches. Add became trapped in the school for several days, between trying to find a way out and hunting down his friends, and it was pretty awful and traumatizing for everyone involved. However, much later in the month a strange announcement popped up mentioning the principal's office. Add decided to investigate against his better judgment and found an active terminal in the now-opened office. Using it, he was able to communicate with a woman named Ash who identified herself as the developer of Monad. It was learned that the system had been created to study AI's ability to mimic human interactions and grow, but the developer had lost all control and contact with the system just a couple months before the first users appeared. Add offered to help Ash in exchange for more information, and for the next couple months she would continue working on a method of more permanent communication with the users as well as helping stabilize the program.

As September came along, though, Add's Dynamos were reaching completion. He had gradually been starting to use their abilities again, and the effects of this were starting to appear. He started to become more visibly ill, and glitched portals started appearing throughout the system. Add decided that the system wasn't stable enough to handle his use of spatiotemporal distortions, so obvious he had no choice but to... continue doing that, but more aggressively. He aimed to speed up his plan and locate an exit out of the system before it collapsed under his incessant meddling, regardless of what effects that might have on himself or the system. He also wanted to obtain information from Ash to help with his escape, though, so he tested his technology by attempting to travel into the system's past. He travelled back to the point in time before the first wave of users arrived, but after Ash had lost contact—a period of time they had dubbed the "blackout period". He managed to obtain some data from the blackout, though it left a huge distorted portal in the middle of one of the courtyards.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to contact Ash again, and by October his physical condition was deteriorating from his reckless use of timetravel. He'd already been avoiding his friends, and though he hated the idea of leaving them behind or even dooming them, he continued to tell himself that it was the only chance he had. He ended up making several attempts to break free of the system, with each attempt damaging both himself and the system more and more, but he wasn't able to find a path out of the program. His abuse of his powers finally started to have more severe effects on his mind. He slowly lost his empathy, his memories, and became paranoid and destructive. By the time his friends were able to stop him he'd already become heavily corrupt by his own powers, and they had no choice but to kill him in hopes of it resetting his condition.

When Add revived at the start of November, his mind was still heavily damaged. His memories were still hazy and some had been permanently lost. It would take the rest of the month for his emotions to gradually come back to him, though the first thing he remembered was how to be incredibly depressed. He'd failed to escape, succeeding in breaking everything, and tried to hurt the only people who seemed to care about him. Feeling hopeless and unsure, he confessed his full plan to Roxas along with some details from his past, to explain why he'd been so desperate to change his past and give up on his current existence. He also finally admitted to Roxas that he considered him a true friend, and really, being in a world with people who genuinely cared about him was all Add really wanted. He decided that he wanted to stay in Monad and try to find a way to stabilize it instead of escaping.

December came, and the system only continued to deteriorate further. By the end of the month the system was nothing but an empty white expanse.

But in January, it recovered. Turns out it was just Ash trying to transfer everyone to a newer, more stable server. However, from November to December the system's deterioration had rendered the monthly new/removed user updates illegible, and the backlog of details was finally posted. A large number of users were deleted, leaving only a small number of users remaining. More importantly to Add, three people he cared about were listed as wiped. First on that list was Rin, one of his closest friends and and someone from the first wave of users. Another first-wave user, Takakage, was also removed. The last time anyone had seen Takakage had been in October, when he'd tried to reason with the crazed Add and been killed by him. With the two oldest users deleted, this actually left Add as a member of the most senior wave of remaining users. Though the rest of the month went by without any danger or difficulty, the heavy losses weighed on him.

Before he'd been wiped, Rin had spoken with Add before about how he wanted to find out how users were picked for deletion. Not wanting to lose the few friends he had left, Add decided to pursue this and collaborated with Ash to begin planning for an experiment. She would introduce a variety of "mock users" to the system that they would observe, and they'd record their findings to see when and which of the mock users were removed.

Plans for the experiment continued through February and were finally put into place in March, though they soon learned that many of Ash's supposedly fake users were just like normal users, with some of them even bearing resemblance to other users in the system.

Alas, the results of the experiment were never quite completed, because by the end of March Add was wiped from the system himself. He probably should've gotten on that sooner.

Outwardly, Add acts like a huge selfish asshole with no regard for the feelings of others and an ego the size of a supernova. But the truth is that, deep down, that is exactly what Add is like. He is extremely self-centred, very eager to brag about himself and his accomplishments, and carries an extremely powerful magnetic repulsion towards others.

He's incredibly blunt most of the time, largely because he's a terrible liar. Not that he's always honest, necessarily—he'll use half-truths to avoid talking about something if he doesn't want to, but his attempts at lying tend to be pretty transparent. He has a bit of a snarky, rude sense of humour. He takes pleasure in belittling and insulting others. He has a strong concept of his own personal space (and no one else's) and hates being touched or getting dirty. He's also one hell of a whiner. Add isn't afraid to voice his thoughts, and so if he's ever even the slightest bit bothered by something he will complain endlessly about it. Just to top it all off and make his complaining worse, Add is also incredibly lazy and spoiled. He hates doing things himself and prefers to use his own technology or tools to solve all his problems. If it's something even his dynamos can't fix, it should be someone else's problem, and he will damn well make it their problem by bitching about it as much as possible.

In general, he's really poorly socialized. He has trouble empathizing with people sometimes and can be really insensitive without meaning to. He gets easily nervous and embarrassed in social situations. When he's nervous, he tends to ramble and talk without thinking, which only makes things worse, and when his awkwardness finally reaches critical mass his only real plan is to... abruptly change the topic or walk away and pretend it never happened. He also has a tendency to space out and either mutter or ominously cackle to himself like some kind of embarrassing cartoon supervillain. Probably a terrible person to bring to a movie.

He's absolutely in love with science and all things robotic. His curiosity is bottomless, and he tends to get a little carried away when faced with some new and fascinating machine. He strongly believes that everything can be explained with science, and that anything "unscientific" is either fake or improperly researched. Robots are what truly hold his interest, though. Put a robot in front of him and he'll either immediately start dismantling it or ask about ten million questions at a time until he's satisfied (which is never). On the flipside, he's terrified of ghosts. He'll totally deny it and spout off a bunch of scientific facts to "prove" ghosts are actually just clusters of mindless energy or whatever, but for whatever reason the existence of ghosts just freaks him out.

Ambition plays a large part in his motivations. Add always strives to improve himself—to be smarter, stronger, more powerful than anyone else. While he's certainly intelligent, he's also incredibly egotistical and stubborn. He's a good strategist and can usually catch on to other people's ill intentions pretty quickly, but once he thinks he's figured something out he'll basically take it as fact until proven otherwise. His overestimates his intelligence when it comes to social situation, mainly. He's too suspicious of others to be able to tell when someone is showing genuine care or kindness, and sometimes assumes that people are out to get him when really they're not interested in him at all.

Despite how much of an egotistical braggart he might be, though, it's at least partially a front to hide how insecure he is. He knows he's smart, and he knows he's made huge accomplishments, but it's never enough. He sets his goals too high and gets frustrated when he can't reach them. He strongly believes that anything is possible, and if he can't make those possibilities a reality then it must be something he's doing wrong. Never mind the fact that rewriting time probably isn't something humans were meant to do. He's stubborn to the point of self destruction, blindly pushing himself harder and harder in his attempts to do the impossible. His response to his own faults and shortcomings is to bottle it all up and hide them, as if somehow ignoring his problems will make them go away. It doesn't, and this attitude of his has lead to a great slew of issues.

Between his traumatic past, pushing himself too hard, and bottling up too many of his emotions, Add is a bit unhinged and unpredictable at times. He's certainly not above revenge or murder, if it comes to it, and he doesn't shy away from violence. Add even takes pleasure in making others suffer, often mocking and laughing uncontrollably in the heat of battle, bragging about how fun it is to crush his enemies. He has an explosive temper, and when he's been pushed just a little too hard he's prone to throwing massive, violent tantrums. This can range from simply throwing things around in a petty fit all the way to razing and slaughtering entire villages.

Add isn't all bad, though. He prefers to keep people at arm's length, and when he does find himself becoming attached to someone, he will vehemently deny it at all costs. But really, after being thrust into a world completely different from what he remembered, knowing everyone he ever knew was now long dead... any amount of familiarity is something he wants to cling to. He's very protective of the people close to him, though the truth is that Add is probably the last person to ever realize when a friendship has formed. He believes the lies he feeds to himself better than anyone. The isolation and trauma of his childhood makes it difficult for him to trust others, and he honestly thinks that everyone either hates him or will hate him. His naturally abrasive attitude doesn't help with this, obviously, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. He makes up his own excuses for staying by others instead of admitting he cares—like how he follows the El Scouts not because he genuinely likes them and wants to be a part of their group, but because he only wants to study Eve and secretly plots to someday kidnap and dismantle her. Never mind the fact that he's passed up plenty of opportunities to carry out his secret plan, and goes out of his way to help and support the other, non-Eve members of the group. That's all just part of his newer, even more elaborate master plan that involves an extremely lengthy period of "trust building" that has nothing to do with him actually caring about any of them.

There's a disparity between how Add perceives himself and how he actually is. Add doesn't think he has any future left to speak of. He's convinced himself that the only way he can be happy is to fix his past from the point where it all went wrong—to prevent his parents' deaths and all the horrific events that followed. So, because his master plan is to undo everything that lead to his current existence, it doesn't matter what he does in his current life. It's perfectly fine for him to ignore his problems and do terrible things, because he can just undo it all once he masters time travel. It's this attitude that lead to an escalating series of problems, starting with the increasingly dangerous side effects of time travel on his body and ending with him taking out his anger on his own alternate selves when he couldn't reach the "right" timeline of his past. Instead of making him realize that actions have consequences, this only cemented this belief that he could never be happy in his current state. He started to convince himself he was a horrible, awful person, which somehow made it okay for him to do horrible, awful things, even if part of him knew that nothing was forcing him to act this way. He used it as an excuse to "motivate" himself, intentionally trying to corner himself so he'd have to master time travel and fix everything.

Of course, his master plan fell apart after he died and ended up in Monad. For a long, long time, he continued to delude himself into thinking he could still somehow fix everything. He tried to use his abilities to "escape" the program with disastrous results—he caused widespread instability in the system, in himself, and lost his mind and emotions before trying to kill his closest friends. He was stopped and the effects were (mostly) reversed, but it was enough of a wakeup call for him to realize what he had. He treasured the few friends he'd made, and he didn't want to risk losing them for an impossible dream. He still has moments where he can't help but hate himself and think it's hopeless for him to improve, but he's slowly making progress in moving on.

Overall, Add isn't actually too bad for a selfish egotistical jerk. He is, at the very least, someone who would willingly join an RPG party dedicated to helping people and saving the world.

Resources: Basic combos & skills, Time Tracer/Diabolic Esper combos & skills, Hyperactive Skill: Paranoia
Add is a (mostly) normal human being with no innate magical abilities, but he is also a child prodigy with a strong education from the university of "being trapped in a magic time travelling library for like ten years with no human contact". He has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to the various sciences, particularly physics and robotics, and he's an expert when it comes to the advanced technology of his world. He's designed several killer robots as well as his Nasod Dynamos, which are a set of six hovering drones that he controls with his mind.

Add's eyes are cybernetic implants that also serve as the controllers for his Dynamos. Besides that, they mostly just function as normal eyes. He has slightly above average vision and can make them glow and spark a bit. On his own he can generate enough electricity to give weak static shocks, so he has all the amazing and destructive power of fuzzy socks on a carpet, basically. Due to the side effects of some timespace fuckery (which I'll get to in a moment), he can also change the colour of his eyes' schleras from white to black, both at will and unintentionally. They tend to shift to black when he's emotionally distressed or actively using his spatiotemporal abilities. It's a pretty cool party trick.

The Dynamos are the source of Add's powers. He can use them to glide and levitate, control electrical currents, and generate spatial distortions that can teleport, move or bind objects, or even shatter the fabric of reality itself. He can also control and travel through time, though his attempts at directly travelling to and altering his own past haven't been successful due to the fact that the universe doesn't like paradoxes.

The downside is that, while the Dynamos may be the source of his powers, Add still has to act as a "medium" that guides the power. Manipulating something as complex as time and space causes a great deal of strain on his body, and using his abilities carelessly can lead to immediate physical damage as well as long-term effects. Prolonged use of timespace distortions over the course of several years has caused a buildup of "poison" in his body, which is primarily visible in his eyes as the black schlera. During his time in Monad he's managed to agitate his condition further: his blood is abnormally dark, and he suffers from frequent migraines and dizzy spells. If he continued to use his abilities recklessly, his condition would eventually worsen.

But, for the sake of everyone's sanity, he won't be arriving with his Dynamos. I'll leave any in-depth explanations or nerfs for if he ever regains them.

Physically, he's incredibly lacking. Note the abysmally unbalanced stat graph up there. He has the lowest HP stat out of every other character in his canon, including the squishy mage character, and he doesn't even have a running animation because he'd rather ride on his drones than manually move at a pace faster than power-walking. He's dangerously underweight thanks to a combination of poor eating habits and his unusual illness. He has quick reflexes and reaction times when it comes to controlling his Dynamos, but without his machines to rely on Add is pretty much completely useless in a fight. If you punched him he'd probably cry. He makes up for his physical frailty a little bit with his specialized suit, which is designed to resist energy-based attacks and spatiotemporal radiation, but boosted defences can only go so far when you have the physical build of a twig.

He's also pretty good at sewing (it's not like he just found a cat-eared hoodie perfectly his size lying around inside that spooky time travelling library pocket dimension), and is generally stuck with the responsibility of being The Plan Guy. He has a good sense for picking up others' strengths and making strategies on the fly.

Strengths: Intelligent, determined, practical, tidy, resourceful.
Weaknesses: Possessive, spiteful, insecure, rude, awkward.

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Add's role on the battlefield is primarily as a tactician, laying down the attack plans in advance and coordinating his teammates to ensure that everything plays out in their favour. Most of his attacks are centred around supporting and protecting his team, such as through freezing enemies in place, moving and dragging targets around at will, inflicting a variety of debuffs, and preventing unfavourable outcomes via time shenanigans. Despite his loner attitude, his goals as an individual have always been to protect and save the people important to him, so even without the game mechanic reasons it only makes sense to give him the supporting role.
Cause Of Death: Crushed by a very large turtle wind spirit. His soul was then uploaded to Monad, where his data was casually deleted overnight. Both deaths can be recognized, though the first one is the "main" one.
Vessel: A USB flash drive
Name Location: 加 - Kaki - centre of his chest
Allows his God to use the Seal of Time ability. When activated, it casts a blue aura around the user that "saves" that point in time for anyone caught within the seal's range. If a "sealed" person is killed or mortally wounded while under the seal's effect, their physical state will automatically revert back to how it was when the seal was originally cast on them, allowing them to instantly recover from injuries and cheat death.

However, the seal has its limits. It can only remain active on a person for up to 20 seconds at most before it wears off, so an attack must be anticipated to be reversed. Anyone revived by the seal will feel vaguely nauseous and may experience "phantom pains" from their former injuries for a few minutes afterwards, and they cannot be re-sealed until the side-effects pass naturally. It will also only activate upon death or "an injury that would lead to death". No matter how serious or severe an injury is, if it's not fatal it won't activate the seal.

Notably, the seal's effect doesn't actually heal damage, it literally restores a person to a previous physical state in time. This means the seal has some additional uses besides just preventing a fatal injury. For example, if a character has to expend magical energy ("MP") to use special attacks, they could have the seal cast on them, use a powerful skill, and then kill themselves. Upon death, the seal would activate and restore them to the point before using their skill, which in turn would allow them to use the same skill again. The seal's restorative effects are also passed on to any objects present on the target, so you could also use the same example with a physical weapon, such as a gun expending bullets and then having them restored after the wielder activates the seal. However, this effect also works in reverse: if you reloaded a weapon, healed yourself, restored your own magical energy, or otherwise made a positive change to your own physical state after the seal was cast, all those positive effects would also be undone after the seal's activation. Seal of Time does not discriminate between positive or negative changes. You just get exactly what you had before.

TL;DR, you get a buff that gives you a free worst-case-scenario undo button.

He also functions as a regular ol' USB stick. Storage space might a bit tight, considering he needs room for all those complex timespace revival coordinates. He can access any data stored on him and make simple changes to the raw code, though he'd have to be plugged into a computer to see the final product for things like images or programs.

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