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Compiled Data ◈ [community profile] monadexe

The following data is stored on an external drive constructed from patching together older, shittier storage devices found in Add's room, as well as a few unused parts from his (former) computer. Due to the bulkiness of some of the pieces used, it's crammed into a Halliburton briefcase and attached to the inside. The files are read-only.

The data drive is currently in the possession of User: Hanbei Takenaka.

N-65333741300 "Recovered Blackout Data"
Contains a description of the location and the data described in this post:
He will find himself walking a black expanse, though walls, ceiling and floor seem to box him into a 50 square foot space. These walls cannot be destroyed. The sound of an incoming tide can be heard, and the scent of a beach is distinguishable, but no water nor sand can be seen or felt.

A computer sits on the ground near the center of the room. On it can be found folders of college level programming assignments, the raw text behind photographs of several young adults, with a blonde girl consistent between them (these photographs will be distorted if the text is somehow translated into an image [the computer on which they are stored is not capable of this, an external source must be used to bring them back to user's computer]), a few raw files of horror movies, pdf files of research on Turing tests and simulation hypotheses, and finally a list of beer brands.

A piano is also located in this area - playing a note on the piano will cause the surroundings to glitch severely: the sound will immediately distort beyond recognition, volume fluctuating wildly, a user's sense of balance will begin to fail and the user's vision will be peppered with noise and enlarged pixel mosaics.

Users will lose consciousness soon thereafter and wake up in the courtyard near to the portal. They will wake up with no physical ailments, and their vision will have returned to normal.
The photographs from the computer files have been converted to images, but both the text and image versions of the files are included and labelled separately.

The description given of the room and its effects only includes what is listed above—meaning Add is not aware that he has lost any memories from his experience, so he would not be able to tell anyone about that detail.

N-66427163209 "Notes On The Developer/Monad"
- The system's purpose is to "explore the concept of unlimited growth potential". They also mentioned something called a Turing test, which is apparently a test for machines that judges their human-like responses.

- The system was originally programmed with a specific algorithm to produce "users" with. However, this algorithm has been changed from the original settings. We are not the intended users it was supposed to produce.

- The developer made contact with an entity in the system two months before the "beta" update. This alpha-entity sent the message "Is this real?" before contact was lost, and the developer became completely locked out of the system.

- The developer did not receive any other contact from inside the system after that, up until the Principal's Office incident last month that opened up a line of communication.

- Glitched areas are "weaker" and it may be possible to access other parts of the system through them, or to alter the system itself through those glitches. The developer also noted this might be done in a more abstract manner on the inside than simply altering the code.

- There may be more than one person who worked on the system from the outside. The developer has apparently been cagey about this, so it could be a misunderstanding or they could be hiding something from us.

- They also said they would try to implement a way to contact them again. The last system update (v.1.10) had a glitched line of text on it similar to the error that appeared when the Principal's Office opened (v.1.09.02), so it could be related to that.

- Recently (09/22/15), I was able to acquire some data related to the two month blackout period before the beta update. I'm still looking through it, but it appears to be research materials that may have been used for the system's creation along with some damaged text files.

- The only remaining users in the system that have been here since the initial beta update are Takakage Kobayakawa and Rin Matsuoka. All other beta users have either been wiped completely or have had their memories wiped.

- The developer's name is Ash. Other known personal details include that they are from a similar world to Takakage's ("Earth"), though this could be a coincidence.

- Incomplete areas that have not been officially introduced to the system may still be accessible by alternate means, such as abusing glitches in other locations. If a method of accessing incomplete area locations is discovered, it may be possible to attempt to repair them or prevent them from being introduced. Needs more research.

- The developer has attempted to implement a terminal for us to use to contact them. Access to this terminal may be limited by the "credits" used by the system. At the time of this note we are still unable to determine how many credits a user has, but it is likely that older users have accumulated more credits than newer ones. Older users are more likely to be able to locate and use this terminal, however it may be hidden.

N-66427452322 "For The Developer"
Requested Information:

- The only remaining users in the system that have been here since the initial beta update are Takakage Kobayakawa and Rin Matsuoka. Madoka Kaname appeared on the beta update but has since been reintroduced without her previous memories. All other beta users have been wiped.

- Provide all files from N-65333741300 "Recovered Blackout Data".


- What would be the system's definition of "growth" in regards to what it expects of its users? Understanding this may better allow us to predict or avoid future user wipes.

- Who is the girl in the pictures? (see N-65333741300 "Recovered Blackout Data")

- Is there any special significance to the beach or the piano discovered in the blackout period investigation?

- Request further details on Ash's homeworld, the reality external to Monad, and compare their description of "Earth" to other users who also claim to be from "Earth".

N-66767836912 "Dimensional Coordinates"
It's an extremely long and complicated string of numbers and symbols, with no further instruction. Completely indecipherable.

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