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Information ◈ [community profile] monadexe

User: Add has access to:   Users able to access Kaissa 206:
Kaissa 109 (User: Genis Sage)
Kaissa 102 (User: Data-Roxas)
Kaissa 402 (User: Sui Feng)
No longer present in the system.

Memex 408 (User: Rin Matsuoka)
No longer present in the system.
  User: Genis Sage
User: Data-Roxas
User: Rin Matsuoka
No longer present in the system.

Six (6) Nasod Dynamos
Constructed by Add using computer parts and bits of other assorted electronics. These take the place of his apartment's computer, since he dismantled it to construct them. The Dynamos are portable and can be freely moved and carried with him to any location. However, they cannot connect to the network when outside of an apartment.

The exterior casing is a set of four modified halliburton briefcases and two smaller 3"x5" harddrive cases. There's a small opening on one end of each Dynamo to allow a metal prong to poke out. The different sizes make them a little difficult to control sometimes, especially during flight. They're slightly prone to spewing electricity without warning. One of the briefcases has suffered significant fire damage, so the outer casing is burnt black and melted in some spots (he's repaired the internal parts, so there's no other issues with it besides being easier to damage due to the weakened casing).

At this stage, he has reconstructed his Dynamos to the point where he can generate energy/electrical attacks in the form of small bullets and blasts, cause small-scale reality distortions ("cracks"), gravity distortions (pulling/pushing objects, either centered on himself or on a location within several feet of himself), temporary portals between physical locations, and portals between points in time (aka time travel). He's been concentrating more on his general timespace-related abilities, however, so combat-oriented abilities are not as refined and more prone to inefficient energy use and/or failure.

Memory corruption (DURATION: INDEFINITE)
Two memories have been altered due to glitches encountered during a time travel attempt.

He does not remember his Valentine's "date" with Roxas, from waking up in the restaurant until the next morning, long after returning to his apartment.

He remembers his first meeting with Sui Feng as if it had actually occurred, rather than it being in a shared dream. According to his memory, he happened upon her by chance in the Monad hotsprings where she drowned him due to some confusion. He still remembers "forgiving" her for it afterwards, though he's not sure why he trusted her so easily after that.

Timespace corruption/"toxin" (DURATION: INDEFINITE)
Due to excessive use of time/spatial distortions, the system has recreated the sickness he was originally afflicted with when he first began his timetravel experiments. Continued use of timespace distortions causes his condition to deteriorate at a much faster rate than would normally occur, and will not normally result in his death. Details of the symptoms and stages of his corruption can be found here.

Add is currently undergoing permanent stage one symptoms, and has experienced up to stage five.

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