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Basic Information

Name: Edward "Add" Grenore
Age: 19
Birthdate: January 2nd
Height: 5'10" (180cm)
Weight: 130lbs (59kg)
Bloodtype: AB
Species: Human (mostly)
Class: Diabolic Esper

Physical Appearance / Build

His hair colour is a pale lavender, which can be mistaken for white at a distance. He's naturally albino so his skin is very light and he sunburns easily.

His natural eye colour is red, but his eyes have been modified by Nasod technology that was implanted in him. They're still mostly organic, but they're very clearly abnormal. The irises are a pinkish-purple colour with what looks like a power symbol etched in the centre in place of normal pupils. The left eye's symbol is always lit up with a faint white glow, while the right eye symbol is usually black. His scleras can also turn black, which can be done on command or by accident. He tends to switch to "black" mode when he's emotionally distressed or angry, or when he's actively using his powers. His left eye's symbol will also glow white in this mode, making both eyes match. The left eye can generate a small amount of energy in the form of purplish-white electrical sparks or a light trail, which can also be done either intentionally or accidentally.

The purple line running down from above his left eye is a tattoo. It ends at a little circle above his eyebrow, but that part is usually hidden under his hair.

Notably, his ears have a sharp point at the tips, though they're usually hidden under his hair.

He has a very light build. He's flexible and has quick reflexes, but he relies heavily on his drones in combat, so he's not very strong physically. He also forgets to eat and sleep a lot of the time, so he's somewhat malnourished and unhealthy. His fighting style means he avoids getting a lot of scars from combat, but he does have noticeable scarring on his neck as well as on his wrists and ankles from when he was imprisoned as a child. There are other marks on his body as well, but most of them are very faint and healed over a long time ago. However, he makes an effort to cover up his scars up with his clothing, and most of them are easy to overlook. The only real noticeable mark is the one around his neck, which is usually hidden behind a choker or a high collared shirt.

To delve a little deeper, though, there's an unusual dark tinge to his bodily fluids—a side-effect of his time travelling escapades. This is the same substance that causes his eyes to turn black. Under normal circumstances, it's not overly noticeable and could be easily overlooked as odd lighting. If he's been using (or overusing) his abilities recently, however, the darkening intensifies. In extreme cases there may even be a pure black tar-like substance mixed with his blood or saliva.


He prefers to wear his combat outfit when he's wandering around, if only because he feels safer when he's in his weird purple armour. The floating shields usually get left at home, though. The material the armour is made of is similar to a hard, flexible plastic for the black segments, with a stretchier fabric for the purple gaps between plates. The crystal at the centre of his chestplate is incredibly durable and can absorb magical energy fired at it. The jacket part of his outfit is removable (underneath it's basically a full bodysuit that can be taken apart at the gloves/waist/boots as needed). The jacket is also fairly stiff, since it's made of the same armoured material in most places, as are the darker part of his gloves. The three chain tails are attached to his pants, just above his tailbone. The armour plates are surprisingly resistant to physical damage, but the seams can be easily torn through with a well-placed attack.

When not wearing his dumb armoured suit, he is extremely fond of jackets and hoodies. He has a plethora of hoodies with cat ears and has absolutely no shame in wearing them with the hood up. When he's sleeping or relaxing at home he'll usually just wear a pair of plain white shorts and a short-sleeved black top. If he's expecting guests for whatever reason, include socks/longer sleeves (probably from a cat hoodie) and a plain purple choker (to avoid awkward questions about his scarring, obviously). He prefers comfort over presentation.

Physical Mannerisms

He walks with a a slouch, only straightening his posture when he's intentionally trying to seem taller or more confident. He touches his face a lot, often to touch or cover up his eyes (old habits from when he hid his black schlera behind an eyepatch) or over his mouth (as if the hand being there would make his loudly talking to himself any less obvious). Otherwise, his arms are usually folded, or his hands are on his hips or in pockets. He detests most forms of physical contact, so he'll avoid even the faintest excuse for it at all times.

He expresses himself most through his eyes, which spark or glow when he's excited or angry, or turn black when he's particularly upset. As such, he'll often turn away or avoid eye contact when he's trying to hide his emotions.

He also expresses himself a lot through his dynamos. He controls Dynamo through a mental link, so his control over them is easily affected by his emotional state. If he's calm, they'll move very precisely and tend to remain in perfectly even formations. If he's excited or happy, they might seem to vibrate or spark at random, as if overflowing with energy. If he's surprised they might spark or "jump" out of formation suddenly. If he's angry or distressed their movements would become more erratic and uneven. If he's sad or scared, they'll tend to hover closer to his body like a protective shield or a comforting hug. Finally, if he's weak or tired they'll wobble and sink out of formation.

Verbal Mannerisms

He often litters his speech with little chuckles and tics of laughter, like he is in a constant state of mild amusement. He also likes to ramble and trail off into mumbling when he's thinking about something. He talks to himself a lot. When he's especially excited about something he talks faster and speaks over people (assuming he leaves any room for them to start speaking at all). Once he's focused on something it's very difficult to get him to shut up. Overall, he gives a strong impression of someone who loves the sound of his own voice.

He also laughs when he's nervous. Not like his normal laughter, but an incredibly loud and forced kind of laughter that makes his discomfort painfully obvious.

Surprisingly, he has a pretty good singing voice. Good luck getting to hear it, though.

Aura / ???

He is, for the most part, an ordinary human. His body can store and generate mana like any other human from his world, but as he is of Debrian descent he doesn't have the capacity to use magic on his own. Instead, he channels his body's mana through the Nasod implant behind his eye, or channels it directly through the dynamos if they're within proximity to him. He is technically a cyborg, but due to how both technology and magic work in his world, the implant could also potentially be sensed by a skilled magic-user. It functions in a similar way one might use a magic staff to cast spells, the difference is that it channels the energy to power a machine instead.

The mutations he's suffered due to his experiences time travelling are more than just a physical change. There is a palpable sense of darkness and instability to his aura, as if something has been slowly corrupting his existence. Unknown to him, this is the handiwork of Henir, the Goddess of Darkness and Chaos who presides over the gaps in timespace he's been using to travel. Continued and prolonged exposure to these gaps has had a powerful effect on his mind. When he's in a distressed or chaotic state, the corruption can further skew his judgment and start to overwhelm his mind. In the most extreme cases it can even shut down his empathy or emotions to drive him closer to Henir's desires (which would be the total destruction of all order and reality). He remains fully aware and conscious of his actions in this state.

Individuals with a strong spiritual awareness may be able to detect this corruption in him. Unfortunately, it's too deeply ingrained in his being at this stage to be purified. Attempting to do so would likely cause severe damage to his mind and body, if not outright kill him.

Close-up of eyes
Concept Art
Voice samples (VA: Jeong Jae-heon)

Add is a (mostly) normal human being with no innate magical abilities, but he is also a child prodigy with a strong education from the university of "being trapped in a magic time travelling library for like five years with no human contact". He has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to the various sciences, particularly physics and robotics, and he's an expert when it comes to the advanced technology of his world. He's designed several killer robots as well as his Nasod Dynamos, which are a set of six hovering drones that he controls with his mind.

Add has a Nasod implant inserted behind his left eye, which has also partially fused with his biology to give him a very unusual looking set of eyes. The implant allows him to communicate with and control his dynamos, as well as store a great deal of raw data on Nasods and technology—he has a semi-photographic memory due to the implant, though he has to intentionally choose to "save" information to make use of it and can only store so much in his brain at a time (the rest is either deleted or backed up on his dynamos). The implant can generate enough electricity to give weak static shocks, so unarmed he has all the amazing and destructive power of fuzzy socks on a carpet, basically. Besides all that, they mostly just function as normal eyes.

The Dynamos are the source of Add's powers. He can use them to glide and levitate, control electrical currents, and generate spatial distortions that can teleport, move or bind objects, or even shatter the fabric of reality itself. He can also control and travel through time, though his attempts at directly travelling to and altering his own past haven't been successful due to the fact that the universe doesn't like paradoxes.

The downside is that, while the Dynamos may be the source of his powers, Add still has to act as a "medium" that guides the power. Manipulating something as complex as time and space causes a great deal of strain on his body, and using his abilities carelessly can lead to immediate physical damage as well as long-term effects. Prolonged use of timespace distortions over the course of several years has caused a buildup of "poison" in his body, which is primarily visible in his eyes: his schlera can and often do turn solid black, though he can turn it "off" most of the time by concentrating a little. If he continues to use his abilities recklessly his condition would eventually worsen, leading to unpleasant side-effects such as vomiting blood, mutating his body in inhuman ways, and possibly death.

Physically, he's incredibly lacking. Note the abysmally unbalanced stat graph up there. He has the lowest HP stat out of every other character in his canon, including the squishy mage character, and he doesn't even have a running animation because he'd rather ride on his drones than manually move at a pace faster than power-walking. He's dangerously underweight thanks to a combination of poor eating habits and his unusual illness. He has quick reflexes and reaction times when it comes to controlling his Dynamos, but without his machines to rely on Add is pretty much completely useless in a fight. If you punched him he'd probably cry. He makes up for his physical frailty a little bit with his specialized suit, which is designed to resist energy-based attacks and spatiotemporal radiation, but boosted defences can only go so far when you have the physical build of a twig.

Time Tracer/Diabolic Esper skills and combos
Diabolic Esper Hyperactive skill: Paranoia
Base class skills and combos
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